TDLR Moves to Revoke RedLight Wreckers Tow Company License & Issue $18,500 Fine

Redlight Wreckers have made themselves a reputation of scamming motorists all across the Houston metro area, by towing vehicles without authorization, illegal tow signs posted, unlocking vehicles to remove parking permits and damaging vehicles, then refusing to pay damage claims. There day is coming to a close as the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations […]

Criminal Solicitation by Tow Companies Accepted by Parking Facilities

Texas Towing Compliance Audit Teams are checking the websites operated by tow companies licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations that solicit bribes by offering something of value to gain tow contracts. When these types of criminal solicitations are provided via a website are located, a complaint is generated to TDLR for violating […]


Everyone towed by H Town Towing in Katy, Texas anywhere in the Houston metro area is due compensation. The tow signs as shown above do not meet the minimum requirement of the Texas Towing Law, specifically Occupations Code 2308.301 & 302. Sad thing about this illegal towing, Don Perry, the owner of H Town Towing, […]

Predatory H Town Towing Found Guilty of Stealing Vehicle

For the record, the Texas Towing Compliance definition of towing a vehicle without probable cause is basically stealing the vehicle without the vehicle owner’s consent. On November 19, 2014, Dan Perry with H Town Towing appeared before the Honorable Harris County Judge Jo Ann Delgado with another tow victim, Seth Luna for the Tow Hearing.  […]

Ideal Towing of Stafford, Texas Busted Again for Illegal Towing

Predatory tow companies like Ideal Towing in Stafford, Texas is stealing vehicles throughout the Houston area because they refuse to obey State Law with regards to providing a legal tow sign and giving kickbacks to parking facilities.  Houston area law enforcement must intervene and arrest those tow truck operators committing these continued criminal offenses, as […]

Longhorn Wrecker Digging Their Own Grave: 45 more cases

Predatory tow companies and vehicles storage facilities that run their businesses like Longhorn Wrecker of Dallas, Texas best take notice of this TDLR case, as you will be next if you continue the path of providing kickbacks which includes sign installations, parking permits, parking lot striping, Gucci bags, legal representation, etc to parking facilities in […]