Lewisville Apartment Residents & Guest Targeted by Texas Impound Services

It’s very unfortunate the residents of apartment complexes in Lewisville, Texas are under assaulted by one the worst tow companies in Denton County, Texas Impound Services LLC. We know for a fact this company provides financial incentives to property managers, in form of parking permits, warning stickers and cash for each vehicle towed from their […]

TDLR Complaints on Texas Impound Services LLC Increase

Texas Impound Services LLC located in Denton, Texas has been added to the list of the predatory tow companies who are designated criminal enterprises. Gary Phillips, the owner of this company prides himself of stealing for living, paying kickbacks to properties who sign their tow contracts and tow from parking facilities with non-compliant tow signs, […]

Texas Impound Services LLC Discriminates Against Disabled Applicants

In the latest twist involving one of the many corrupt members of the Southwest Tow Operators, Texas Impound Services in Denton, Texas refuses to hire anyone who is disabled or does not have a “common” first name. Below are comments posted to Facebook by Gary Phillip’s daughter who’s in charge of hiring new employees for […]

Lake Haven Estates Cancels Texas Impound Services Due to Criminal Behavior

A tow victim has sent an email about her experience with dishonest Texas Impound Services LLC: I am very outrage with the total experience with Texas Impound Services I had on May 1st 2014. Their business conduct is very uncooperative and degrading toward its customers. The owner was belligerent to the point of threatening me […]