Austin Police Department Provides Protection to Criminal Enterprises

It makes no difference who the police chief is in Austin and 90% of local police departments, as for the past 50 years, unscrupulous tow company owners have enjoyed the privilege to engage in organized criminal activity with impunity. As an example to level of corruption that exist within APD ranks: Underneath Interstate 35 Towing […]

The Thieves of Austin Booted Out of San Antonio, Texas

The sun is shining brighter in San Antonio as Riverwalk Towing (Frank Sapp) and Assured Towing have lost key contracts that kept them afloat for the past couple years. According to sources who know, Frank Sapp (J&J Towing owner) who also owned Riverwalk Towing lost 98% of their San Antonio income when Central Parking Systems […]

Predatory Park Right Solutions Always Damages Vehicles They Tow

There is very good chance your vehicle’s transmission was damaged if towed away by a Park Right Solutions, J&J Towing or Reliant Towing Tow Truck Operator. Front wheel drive vehicles loaded from the front and vehicles with rear wheel drive should always be dollied when the drive axle is on the roadway. Even the vehicle […]

Everyone Towed by J&J Towing Regardless The Reason Due $1600 Minimum

Austin based J&J Towing known for scamming everyone they tow can now collect no less than $1600 for statutory violations.  99% of J&J’s t0w signs posted at parking lot belonging to apartment complexes, condo towers, Central Parking lots or business parking lots are illegal, as they all lack the statutory phrase that must be on […]

J&J Towing Knowingly Illegally Tows 94 Bait Vehicles

Frank Sapp and his son Timothy will not be “happy campers” no thanks to their contract 1099 tow truck operators that lease their tow trucks, as of to date, 94 bait vehicles were towed from their properties shown in the photographs below. Judge Steeg has ruled many times in favor of a vehicle owner or […]