Action Wrecker Service – Fort Worth Slammed with $18,000 TDLR Fine

Action Wrecker Service, in Fort Worth, has preyed on TCU students by employing unlicensed tow truck operators to basically steal vehicles, by towing them from parking lots with zero tow signs posted. Their storage lot is a complete disgrace, as they are dismantling and working on vehicles within their storage lot. A TCEQ complaint was […]

Classic Towing Sets Up Property Managers to Lose in Court

Classic Towing, located in Sugarland, Texas has created a financial nightmare for apartment complexes whom signed a tow contract to enforce parking permits. Matter of fact, 48 complaints have been filed TDLR with more to come for Mr. Bryan Miller’s criminal conduct (2308.405). This is a major “no no” for a tow company licensee, to […]

Park Right Solutions Giving Kickbacks to Apartment Complex Managers

Austin based Park Right Solutions is knowingly violating the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law by giving something of value to property managers. The issue will cost your property manager, is that Park Right Solutions is mailing the Certified Letter required to tow a vehicle with an expired inspection or registration sticker that allows ten […]

Ranger Tow located in Houston Slammed Again by TDLR, $3000 Fine

Ranger Tow’s owner continues to believe he is above the law while their drivers are knowingly towing vehicles without probable cause due in fact as none of the required tow signage is posted in the correct locations around the Houston area they are targeting unsuspecting drivers. Over the past two months, our strikes teams have […]

TDLR Issues More Fines for Tow Companies & Vehicle Storage Facilities

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations is churning out fines and license suspension at a steady pace as vehicle owners, lienholders and insurance companies continue to steadily file complaints against dishonest tow companies and vehicle storage facilities. In the latest round of fines, its no surprise that most of those fined are members of […]

Criminal Solicitation by Tow Companies Accepted by Parking Facilities

Texas Towing Compliance Audit Teams are checking the websites operated by tow companies licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations that solicit bribes by offering something of value to gain tow contracts. When these types of criminal solicitations are provided via a website are located, a complaint is generated to TDLR for violating […]

4 TDLR Complaints Filed For Each Non-consent Tows Always Leads to TDLR Fines

The File A Complaint button on the Texas Towing Compliance (TTC) website has contributed to a higher number of complaints being filed with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) along with all of the supporting evidence. We expected this would happen if a vehicle owner or operator knew four different TDLR licenses were involved […]