The Villains of DFW, Black Bull Towing Face TDLR Revocation

Of all the predatory tow companies in the the DFW area, Black Bull Towing is by far the worst, by owning the very apartment complexes they are terrorizing the residents and their guest that reside in them. The simple fact the owner of Black Bull Towing lives in Israel should garner the attention of the […]

Park Right Solutions Giving Kickbacks to Apartment Complex Managers

Austin based Park Right Solutions is knowingly violating the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law by giving something of value to property managers. The issue will cost your property manager, is that Park Right Solutions is mailing the Certified Letter required to tow a vehicle with an expired inspection or registration sticker that allows ten […]

Capital Tow Ordered to Pay $4,125 Fine for Stealing Vehicles

Company: CAPITAL TOW INC City: FORT WORTH County: TARRANT Zip Code: 76112 License #: 6402293C Complaint # TOW20130017593 Date: 3/19/2015Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $4,125. An administrative penalty of $3,000 is assessed for TOW20140000791 and TOW20130017593; and an administrative penalty of $1,125 is assessed for VSF20130018880. Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking […]

More TDLR Fines for Licensees Who Believe They Above The Law

TDLR licensees think their license is a right, but in reality it’s privilege and those chose few who can’t seem to obey the law, continue to get caught by consumers who were educated on the Texas Towing Compliance website. The result of filing all four TDLR complaints after your vehicle has been towed away is […]

Texas Predatory Tow Lobby Bill Filed HB-3265

After the last two regular sessions of the Texas Legislature, two members, one a State Senator and the other a House Representative, were removed from office by voters for accepting bribes disguised campaign donations from the Predatory Tow Lobby aka Organized Crime, to file legislation that negatively effected the Texas economy and consumer protections. This […]

Strike Team Operations in San Antonio Bearing Fruit

Continued operations involving Atlas Towing & Recovery, their property managers and property owners is bearing fruit as now the State of Texas wants to shut down them down. Atlas Towing like Riverwalk Towing are nothing more than a criminal enterprise being allowed to prosper with impunity because the San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutor refuses to […]

Serial Predators Targeting the Public in Austin area..remain vigilant!

Predatory tow truck drivers and boot personal of A&A, Albert’s, J&J, Park Right, Pronto, Reliant and Republic Parking Enforcement are targeting holiday shoppers, the public celebrating the Christmas Holidays and multifamily properties as they know you’ll have money… Everyone towed, booted or charged a drop fee regardless the reason from a parking lot, by any […]