Austin Police Department Patrol, Motors & Highway Enforcement Units Enforcing Safety Regulations on Tow Trucks & Rollbacks

It took a new Commander,¬†Lieutenant, Sergeant and Detective at the Highway Enforcement Command within the Austin Police Department to finally begin enforcing the Texas Towing, Storage and Booting Act and the Transportation Code with regards to illegal towing, failure by tow truck and rollback operators to secure their loads with two safety chains, working tow […]

J&J Towing Knowingly Illegally Tows 94 Bait Vehicles

Frank Sapp and his son Timothy will not be “happy campers” no thanks to their contract 1099 tow truck operators that lease their tow trucks, as of to date, 94 bait vehicles were towed from their properties shown in the photographs below. Judge Steeg has ruled many times in favor of a vehicle owner or […]

Austin Illegal Tow Sign Update Feb 2015

UPDATE: Most of these signs are still posted throughout the Austin metro area. Always take photos of the tow signs posted at entrances and exits of the parking lot your vehicle is towed from, prior to going to the storage lot. With area colleges gearing up for another school year, Austin area tow pirates are […]

J&J Towing & Landowner Slammed with $9,675.40 Due to Illegal Tow Signs

I am quite pleased to announce the Texas Towing Compliance preferred Austin law firm East Austin Lawyers secured an outstanding reward for a vehicle owner after being towed by none other than J&J Towing. The Austin Police Department’s continued refusal to enforce the Wrecker Ordinance, the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Act while allowing tow […]

Always Engage A PPI Tow Truck Driver in Austin Stealing Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners and operators who find a tow truck driver for J&J Towing, Park Right, Albert’s, Pronto’s, A&A Wrecker, Reliant, Central Towing, Rocha’s, Austex, Clark Towing, or Customz Wrecker Service should use reasonable force to the stop the theft of their vehicle. The “use of reasonable force” is an individual’s own choice. All of these […]

Investor of Park Right Solutions Teaches How to Commit Workers Comp Fraud

Workers Comp Certificate Fraud by Several Texas Tow Companies¬† <- Watch video to see how you have been duped. Dan Messina, the founder of the Southwest Tow Operators and investor of Park Right Solutions of Austin regularly teaches other Southwest Tow Operator’s member tow companies how to increase their profits by providing a false Texas […]