Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing Damages APD Impound

The photo above is a vehicle, impounded by the Austin Police Department after the driver was arrested for Reckless Driving, that Auto Return Contractor 620 Lakeside Towing arrived to load on the wheel-lift of a rollback to be transported to their vehicle storage facility located at 12400 ANDERSON MILL RD, AUSTIN, TX. 78726. The vehicle sustained damage […]

The Public & Local Tow Companies Screwed With AutoReturn/APD Contract

Last night, members of the Austin Towing Association met with Ron Perry of Auto Return and Detective Thomas Ballard to discuss the 24 page contract they expected local tow companies, who want to haul vehicles for APD. Since the day the Auto Return contract was awarded by City Council, Bobby New, Henry “Shorty” Jones and […]

Public Corruption Probe Launched Over Auto Return Contract in Austin, Texas

It was only a matter of time before it became known that Austin Police Department Sergeant Robert Cummings assigned to oversee the wrecker detectives was financially involved with three Austin area tow company owners. Also from confirmed reports from confidential sources, 178 Austin police officers, of which 48 have since retired accepted expense paid offshore […]