Bexar Towing Outright Steals Vehicle – San Antonio

A tow truck operator towed a vehicle, belonging to a resident, vehicle listed on lease, with current inspection/registration, no flats or leaking fluids, because the vehicle was “dirty” looking and hadn’t moved from the assigned paid parking space. The vehicle owner, an US Air Force pilot, upon returning from an overseas flight, of transporting military […]

John Deloach: the San Antonio Narcissistic Sociopath

It comes with no surprise John Deloach, the owner of Bexar Towing would spew lies about our organization’s founder, Mr Pat Johnson, whom was told in writing by his doctors, is dying after a 34 year battle with the AIDS Epidemic. I do not know Mr. Deloach, but for any business owner to introduce himself […]

Corruption Within San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutors Office

It’s of our professional opinion (not SAPD) there is a mole (corruption) within the Municipal Court Prosecutor Office reference valid criminal case files being destroyed instead of being prosecuted against tow company owners and tow truck drivers. This issue has been happening for no less than 20 years as SAPD has filed hundreds of cases, […]

Atlas Towing & Recovery Unknowingly Tows 17 Bait Vehicles

Teams reporting within the past 72 hours, the thieves at Atlas Towing & Recovery towed 17 of our bait vehicles from parking lots with illegal tow signs posted that Judge Vasquez has ruled do not comply with 2308.301 and 302. Ricardo Venegas and his wife have been taking advantage of the public since 2008, targeting […]

Bexar Towing & Atlas Towing Both Busted by SAPD & TDLR

In the latest round of fines and sanctions, Bexar Towing and Altas Towing continue to march right along taking advantage of motorists, then overcharging them thinking they would not get caught. Company: ATLAS TOWING AND STORAGE, LLC City: SAN ANTONIO County: BEXAR Zip Code: 78204 License #: 5452298CComplaint # TOW20140020289 Date: 7/6/2015Respondent is assessed an […]

More TDLR Fines for Licensees Who Believe They Above The Law

TDLR licensees think their license is a right, but in reality it’s privilege and those chose few who can’t seem to obey the law, continue to get caught by consumers who were educated on the Texas Towing Compliance website. The result of filing all four TDLR complaints after your vehicle has been towed away is […]