The Austin Police Department Puts Storage Facilities on Notice

Last night and mostly everyday, citizens are calling 911 reference J&J demanding they sign their paperwork after payment has been made, prior to gaining the release of their vehicles. The incident last night dealt with two issues, (1) J&J mailed the Certified Letter for the Expired Registration/Inspection Stickers for the property manager (2308.402 violation) and […]

Corruption Within Austin Police Department, IAD Complaint Filed

As if local police departments around the United States are faced with enough problems with gaining the support of the public they are supposed to be protecting, corruption within the ranks continue to pose problems. Vehicle towing is a lucrative business, not only for the tow companies, but for municipalities who solicit revenue generating contracts […]

Everyone Towed by J&J Towing Regardless The Reason Due $1600 Minimum

Austin based J&J Towing known for scamming everyone they tow can now collect no less than $1600 for statutory violations.  99% of J&J’s t0w signs posted at parking lot belonging to apartment complexes, condo towers, Central Parking lots or business parking lots are illegal, as they all lack the statutory phrase that must be on […]

Honest Tow Companies & The Public Burned Daily Due to Zero Enforcement by APD’s Wrecker Enforcement Detectives‏

Based on emails from Ballard and Loosier to vehicle owners who filed the offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation, it’s clearly evident both detectives should be reassigned as neither have filed not one criminal case against local tow companies, vehicle storage facilities and parking facilities for violating the Texas Towing, Storage & Booting Law, […]

Park Right Solutions Stealing Vehicles in Austin area

Park Right Solutions in Austin is taking away J&J Towing accounts and towing vehicles without probable cause due to the simple fact all of the J&J Towing signs are illegal since they all fail to contain the statutory phrase: “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense”. Park Right Solution’s President Freddie Ximenez […]

Another Austin Tow Company Caught Not Using Safety Chains

The latest tow company to be caught towing a vehicle without safety chains attached to the vehicle in tow, is Merino’s Towing Service of Austin. I just don’t understand the thinking of a tow truck operator why its not important to attach these safety chains to the vehicle they are towing. Regardless, this short video […]

Another Austin Area Rollback Caught Towing Without Safety Chains

It’s quite obvious some tow truck operators care very little about other motorists’ safety when towing vehicles upon Texas roadways. Earlier, I discovered Quintana’s Towing Service doing the exact thing other tow companies is being issued the TDLR $1000 fine for, “towing a vehicle in an unsafe and competent manner”. Due to this rollback operator’s […]