Albert’s Towing Found Guilty at Tow Hearing

Albert’s Towing, located in Austin, Texas, owned by Thomas Mora was found guilty by Travis County JP Susan Steeg in the illegal towing of a vehicle from the Southwood Center located at 1710 W Ben White Blvd.  This property is not legal to tow vehicles from as the signage is illegal, some entrances to the […]

J&J Towing Knowingly Illegally Tows 94 Bait Vehicles

Frank Sapp and his son Timothy will not be “happy campers” no thanks to their contract 1099 tow truck operators that lease their tow trucks, as of to date, 94 bait vehicles were towed from their properties shown in the photographs below. Judge Steeg has ruled many times in favor of a vehicle owner or […]

College Students, Apartment Residents & Their Guest & The Public Targeted by J&J Towing, Reliant Towing, Park Right Solutions & A&A Wrecker

Everyone towed regardless the reason from any of the apartment complexes on Willowcreek,  Crossing Place, Faro, Cromwell Circle, all Central Parking lots, all of West Campus and every parking garage downtown by these tow companies are being illegally towed due to illegal tow signs and kickbacks being given to property managers. These issues have already […]

Update for Fraud Committed by Predatory Tow Companies

It’s been learned from many sources, including property managers statewide, the owners of Reliant Towing,  Eagle Towing & Recovery, J&J Towing, Park Right Solutions, Albert’s Towing, A&A Wrecker, Pronto Wrecker Service, Central Towing, Rios Towing, Phoenix Towing, Master Tow and many others, all members of the Southwest Tow Operators are telling property managers that the […]

Always Engage A PPI Tow Truck Driver in Austin Stealing Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners and operators who find a tow truck driver for J&J Towing, Park Right, Albert’s, Pronto’s, A&A Wrecker, Reliant, Central Towing, Rocha’s, Austex, Clark Towing, or Customz Wrecker Service should use reasonable force to the stop the theft of their vehicle. The “use of reasonable force” is an individual’s own choice. All of these […]

Central Towing Fined $1500 for Ongoing McDonald’s Tow Scam

This low ball fine of $1500 against Central Towing Inc negotiated by a TDLR prosecutor, when TDLR initially sought a fine of $10,000, is proof TDLR is in bed with criminals. Over the past year, thousands of University of Texas students, parents and the public have filed reports with both the Austin Police Department Wrecker […]

Investor of Park Right Solutions Teaches How to Commit Workers Comp Fraud

Workers Comp Certificate Fraud by Several Texas Tow Companies  <- Watch video to see how you have been duped. Dan Messina, the founder of the Southwest Tow Operators and investor of Park Right Solutions of Austin regularly teaches other Southwest Tow Operator’s member tow companies how to increase their profits by providing a false Texas […]