SXSW 2016 Predatory Towing Expected by Austin Area Tow Companies

With SXSW events in Austin beginning this week, it’s expected, the predatory illegal towing of vehicles, without a doubt will occur. This year’s festivities like the prior years, left some of those who chose to drive the Austin for the numerous SXSW events will become victims of J&J Towing, Reliant Towing, Park Right Solutions, Austin […]

A&A Wrecker & Recovery Driver Caught Removing Parking Permit

Video does not lie, as now we proof an A&A Wrecker & Recovery tow truck operator Lorenzo Williams. burglarized a locked vehicle to remove a parking permit and throw it on the passenger side floorboard between the time after the vehicle was towed and before reaching the storage facility. When the vehicle owner arrived at […]

Austin Police Department Patrol, Motors & Highway Enforcement Units Enforcing Safety Regulations on Tow Trucks & Rollbacks

It took a new Commander,¬†Lieutenant, Sergeant and Detective at the Highway Enforcement Command within the Austin Police Department to finally begin enforcing the Texas Towing, Storage and Booting Act and the Transportation Code with regards to illegal towing, failure by tow truck and rollback operators to secure their loads with two safety chains, working tow […]

A&A Wrecker & Recovery Caught for 3rd Time with No Safety Chains

Early this morning, I spotted another A&A Wrecker & Recovery tow truck, towing a vehicle (Gold Mercedes) coming from downtown Austin heading east on East 7th Street in an unsafe and competent manner by not attaching both safety chains to the vehicle. This being the 3rd violation and A&A already being fined before within the […]

A&A Wrecker & Recovery Found Guilty of Illegal Towing

This afternoon in Travis County Justice of the Peace Pct 2 before Visiting Judge Elena Diaz, A&A Wrecker & Recovery was found guilty based on the facts and evidence, of illegally towing a resident of the Palms Apartments at 8600 North Lamar. A&A Wrecker tried to be sneaky and paint tow away zone on a […]