Corruption Within San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutors Office

It’s of our professional opinion (not SAPD) there is a mole (corruption) within the Municipal Court Prosecutor Office reference valid criminal case files being destroyed instead of being prosecuted against tow company owners and tow truck drivers. This issue has been happening for no less than 20 years as SAPD has filed hundreds of cases, […]

Everyone Towed by Creswell’s Wrecker Service Due Refunds

Creswell’s Wrecker Service in San Antonio seriously taking advantage of the public as their vehicle storage facility license has been expired since Nov 5, 2015 meaning every vehicle they towed from private property was illegally towed since all vehicles must be towed to a licensed vehicle storage facility per State Law. Company Information: Name: MCJAM, […]

More Issues With Illegal Tow Signs A Plus For Victim Recovery

This issue is not a loophole, rather a requirement of State Law, that a tow sign be red and white, period. Earlier this year, tow companies were put on notice reference the change in tow signs rendering all their “Towing Enforced At All Times” tow signs illegal. Some continued to tow vehicles knowing their tow […]