Tactics for catching a predatory tow truck operator and how to address the theft of your vehicle

Tactics for catching a predatory tow truck operator in apartment complexes, townhouse communities, mobile home communities or condo towers:

1. Form an apartment complex crime watch group, since predatory towing is a form of crime, tow truck operators employed by a documented predatory tow company are fair game if their tow signs are in this database.

2. Set your alarm clock for 2AM, as vehicles are usually taken or burglarized while residents in apartment complexes are asleep… be prepared to sit outside on your patio between 2AM to 6AM, so you can hear the sound of an engine of a tow truck driving around the parking lot without headlights on, or hear the sound metal poles (dolly axles) being slid across the pavement to raise a vehicle, or the sound of metal safety chains being attached to a vehicle the tow truck is preparing to tow.

3. Buy yourself a gun, bright LED flashlight, a can of mace, pepper spray, a whistle, a good video camera, or cellphone equipped a video camera, baseball bat to defend yourself from a hostile felon predatory tow truck driver. (all J&J, Reliant, Bexar, Albert’s, Prontos, Austin Express, Tow Times, Atlas, K&K, Texas Impound Services, H Town, Astro, Euro Star, Black Bull, Rios, Will Tow, Milstead, Allcities, Lone Star CC, just to name a few, bad tow company drivers should be confronted) If a predatory tow truck driver chooses to target low-income minority properties or anyone’s vehicle, then they should expect to be assaulted or their tow trucks be damaged by someone they have taken advantage of, it’s just that simple, someone is going to be hurt!

4. At Wal-Mart in the fishing section where the boat supplies are located, buy an Air Signal Horn, cost $12.39 and blow it to alert residents to wake up to come outside. Educate your neighbors to the sound of this horn, as the more people outside, the less likely someone’s vehicle will be towed.

Air Horn at Walmart

5. Again, we do not condone violence against any tow truck driver, as not all of them are criminals out to steal vehicles, as some only tow when someone calls to have their own vehicle towed and will be present when the tow truck driver arrives.

6. You always want to intervene when you see a tow truck driver attempting to tow any vehicle that it’s wheels are across the parking space line, as this reason is not authorized by State Law in apartment complexes, tell the driver it’s your or a family member’s vehicle and DO NOT TOW THE VEHICLE, as TDLR RULES REQUIRE THE DRIVER TO UNHOOK THE VEHICLE AND LEAVE.

7. If you see a tow truck driver walking around the parking lot with a flashlight looking into vehicles and the tow truck is not nearby, confront them, ask for their TDLR Tow Truck Operator License and ID to prove it’s actually the same person on the TDLR license. If they refuse to display this license, call the police to report a suspicious person and follow them around until the police arrive or they leave the property, rather on foot or in a vehicle without towing any vehicle.

8. Property managers who hire predatory tow companies in most cases are being compensated in some fashion for towing vehicles without the owner’s consent, therefore, if you live there, your vehicle is on the your lease, then your vehicle is authorized to be there and should it be towed, you or your friend should block the gate or driveway to prevent the tow truck driver from leaving the property, long enough for the vehicle owner to be found to confront the tow truck driver requesting a drop fee, only if fully loaded for transport for amount no higher than $125, or in some cities a lower or no drop fee period.

9. In the Jefferson, Orange and Hardin counties areas, vehicles are being stolen at 90% of the apartment complexes because of illegal tow signs, posted in the wrong locations, many not facing the driver of the vehicle entering or simply because the property manager accepted a prohibited kickback in the form of something of value. In these counties, victims are asked to call 409-835-5951 ext 102 to register a complaint. Everyone towed in Hardin County should file your Small Claims Lawsuits in JP Brewer’s Court in Silsbee as this Judge rules based on the letter of law as written. Watch this video about fighting for your rights!

10. Due to the many felons, being predatory tow truck drivers, the public should take every precaution to protect yourselves from harm and only resort to violence when your life is in danger. Your vehicle is not worth being killed for nor does the children of tow truck drivers want to see their father killed doing their job, even if they are committing a crime. But whatever action one takes, to address the predatory towing taking place, it is their own personal choice and must understand the consequences that follow should either party be identified.

11. Under no circumstance, regardless what a tow truck driver tells you, never ever sign their tow ticket or the release paperwork at a vehicle storage facility, as because you do, fraud and identity theft crimes happen the moment you leave.  At a wreck scene, the vehicle owner or operator decides where their vehicle is to be towed and the tow company must accept all forms of payment upon delivery to the address of your choice. Don’t be scammed into believing a body shop will work with your insurance company reference the tow fee, as a simple tow fee of $250 could go to $5000 if you sign the tow ticket to convert the tow from a nonconsent to a consent tow from an accident scene,

Education matters, as if the tow sign is illegal or missing which is another method to temporarily stop the towing, as towing vehicles without signs posted carries a heavy price, is to subscribe to Texas Towing Compliance by creating a username and password, it’s free and a vehicle owner or operator has everything to gain from membership as criminals in tow trucks are operating in every city in Texas.

When your on any roadway in Texas and see a tow truck with his emergency beacons flashing helping or loading a stranded motorists, move over or slowdown, it’s the law in Texas, as getting ran over is not fun, as tow truck drivers are killed daily across the United States working traffic accidents..

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