TAA Property Managers Routinely Hire Tow Companies with Convicted Felon wrecker drivers

Property managers of apartment complexes routinely use a towing company that employs convicted felons, been fined thousands of dollars by TDLR for violating the law and in most cases deal with ongoing complaints from their residents.

While a property manager may refuse a prospective resident due to their criminal history, they welcome felons to cruise their parking lots at all hours of the day, especially at night.

The Texas Apartment Association doesn’t even make their associate members obey their code of conduct reference accepting kickbacks from the tow company.

Statistics indicate that crime actually increases within apartment complex parking lots when convicts are patrolling in tow trucks, as they are more less likely to report criminal activity.

Common sense, property managers need to use a towing company that does not employ convicted felons, specifically registered sex offenders, but they do.

The tide is turning as more police departments are creating their own wrecker enforcement unit to investigate and arrest violators of the Texas Towing Law. 

Since more District Attorneys are seeing the only way to rein control over predatory towing is stiffer sentences for engaging in organized crime, holding both the property manager/owner, tow company owner/manager/drivers criminally responsible for defrauding the public.

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