Strike Team Operations in Austin Lead to $3000 TDLR

We are quite pleased with the men and women of Texas Towing Compliance who serve the citizens of Texas and the millions of visitors. Their ongoing efforts to address predatory towing, law enforcement and city government outreach with the assistance of recommended attorneys to collect damages for violations, are making a big difference.

Everyday, somewhere in Texas, our strike teams are conducting operations, these operations range from drop fee stings, bait vehicles stings, recording the person who authorized the tow in reverse call stings, auditing cities for parking facilities that do not and d comply with the Texas Towing Law.

One of the many complaints we file on licensees during sting operations statewide, is for towing a vehicle in an unsafe and competent manner, resulted in a TDLR investigation that determined the licensee didn’t have a valid tow company license, while towing a San Marcos based Hunter Industries tractor in Austin, the video results, a $3000 administrative fine from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations.


County: COMAL
Zip Code: 78130

License #(s): 66472604C, 5668

Complaint # TOW20150014727

Date: 9/23/2015

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $3,000.

Respondent operated a tow truck company with an expired license.

Licensees never know when they could be speaking with or being followed any of the 38,504 members of the Texas Towing Compliance organization.

We are watching, the public (11M subscribers) are better educated on their rights and any of the attorneys listed in our Directory of Attorney stands ready to file a lawsuit with no upfront legal fees against tow companies, vehicle storage facilities, booting companies, property owners, business owners, university privately owned parking/transportation departments and property management companies, when victim call us for help after being illegally towed, our bait vehicles illegal towed or booted or unauthorized drop fees during sting operations.

Our organization’s founder, Pat Johnson is critically ill, his condition varies everyday and is in our prayers. When the Lord takes him home, his legacy will be Texas Towing Compliance for many years to come, serving the victims of predatory towing in Texas.

Should anyone cannot locate their towed vehicle, anywhere in Texas, locate the law enforcement agency phone number where your vehicle was towed from with our extensive Law Enforcement database.

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