State Agency Issuing Occupation Licenses to Convicted Sex Offenders

When I first heard about this, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, issuing an Occupations License to Registered Sex Offenders, I will have to admit that I was shocked. What more could possibility happen to Texans and tourists, when having to call a wrecker to have their vehicle towed and end up in the cab of a tow truck with a Convicted Rapist?

A couple of weeks ago, the media reported that State Senator John Whitmire was receiving threatening phone calls from death row inmates by way of smuggled cellphone. At least the Senator knew the inmate calling was locked up and posed no immediate threat. But, what would the Senator say about if one his daughters were raped by a wrecker driver that arrived to tow their vehicle to the shop?

Same scenario, the exact same type of criminals we do not want to give access to our citizens are now being licensed by a state agency to come as close as your front door or give you a pedicure.

It was recalled before TDLR was given the towing and vehicle storage licensing and enforcement role, that TxDOT had for 20 years, from the Legislature, was this move going to cleanup this industry that still has a bad reputation of screwing the consumer and insurance companies. As it appears, with TDLR issuing Occupations Licenses to Convicted Auto Thieves, Baby and Child Molesters, Murderers, Serial Rapists and Burglars, the citizens of Texas and our tourists, should carry a weapon to protect yourselves.

I am just ashamed that William H. Kuntz, Jr., Executive Director, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, would allow his agency to give a license these types of convicts.

This issue needs to be addressed and stop issuing licenses to Registered Sex Offenders. To date, 28 Registered Sex Offenders have been identified as being issued a TDLR Occupations Employee License.

You can verify whether or not a person is issued an Occupations License here, and here for Sex Offender Registry.

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