Southwest Tow Operators Under the Microscope by FBI & IRS

We have talked to hundreds tow company owners reference the continued calls from the Southwest Tow Operators regarding their annual membership fee and the benefit they gain from paying it. After our conversations with these owners, the majority agree, the money they ask for does nothing for them, as most continue to be issued administrative fine by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.

Now this organization has put on their website when someone goes there, exactly what their membership fee does, that states below;

Southwest Tow Operators 3.18.16

In the third paragraph of the above notice, they tell prospective members the money they pay for their membership to fight poor legislation, based on past sessions of the Texas Legislature, the Southwest Tow Operators have lined the pockets for elected officials to pass proposed legislation, they want.

But in the last session of the Texas Legislature, those membership dues tow company owner paid, involved bribes being paid as campaign donations to several members of the Legislature, including former Texas Senator John Carona, whom was removed from office by voters, all supported by the Southwest Tow Operators. Incidentally, their efforts to file poor legislation failed miserably, as the Texas Towing Compliance Outreach Teams gave a 110% percent encouraging voters statewide to call, text and email their elected official to vote against bills promoted by the Southwest Tow Operators.

So, a tow company must ask themselves, what direct financial benefit will they gain from paying a membership to the Southwest Tow Operators, when they can get the right information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for free, from Texas Towing Compliance.

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