Southwest Tow Operators’ Member Exposed for Fraudulent Business Practices

Tommy's Towing & Garage

The motoring public traveling Interstate 30 or anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Wills Point, were involved in a traffic accident, Tommy’s Towing & Auto Repair towed your vehicle, then you and your insurance companies might have experienced fraudulent billing practices and the tampering of government documents.

It makes no difference what city, county or state, wherever predatory tow companies exist, fraud and criminal activity is alive and well.

The owners of this tow company, vehicle storage facility and auto repair has pulled the wool over the eyes of local law enforcement agencies.

We became involved when a vehicle owner (victim) reached out to Texas Towing Compliance with questions, upon review, we determined without a doubt, at the very minimum, a State Jail Felony has occurred, probably more than once, by the owner and employees of Tommy’s Towing & Auto Repair.

Tommy Davis, owner of this company claims they have written authorization to tow a vehicle in question, but according to VanZandt SO Communications, they have no such record of a deputy being dispatched to where the vehicle became disabled nor does the Wills Point or Mineola PDs have any record of this type of non-consent tow being reported to them as required by State Law.

Up until recently, the victim of this fraud didn’t realize he could pursue other action, until after numerous telephone and electronic communications with staff with Texas Towing Compliance. Now that the TDLR complaints have been filed against Tommy’s Towing, our staff is assisting the victim to prepare the Small Claims Lawsuit for Statutory Violations cause of action.

In several recorded phone calls with Tommy’s Towing & Auto Repair, the victim intervened to a chain of comments of Tommy’s Towing & Auto Repair’ Facebook page between myself and whoever is hiding behind the keyboard at Tommy’s.  I was just stating the facts about their criminal behavior of towing a vehicle without authority from a county road, the hiding the vehicle from the victim, after he and wife arrived to pick it up, was told the vehicle is on its way, only to be told, the person who releases vehicles is out-of-town and then told, “he would have to come to back tomorrow”.

These dumb criminal’s first business plan mistake, was to steal. Being such the family that owns and operates this business, is hiding behind their bible. “That’s not how your supposed to use it.”

Victim in recorded call…

“It was my car you towed on August 19th or so. You said you couldn’t release my car till the next day. Said the only person who could release it wasn’t available? Then you towed it back to my house at a reduced fee, if I would do it without paperwork. So Pat Johnson is totally correct. I had called you for a quote to tow my car 3 miles to my home. You came out and impounded it. Wouldn’t release till the next day. The car wasn’t even at your yard yet when I called to get it released. I was told I had to wait till it was at the yard. Then was told I couldn’t get it till the next day.”

Response by Tommy’s:

“You know most people would call us on the phone and ask for an owner or Manager but I guess that was out of your league. I can’t help what you think we have done but your totally wrong about us. If you were a real man you would have come and met us face to face and taken care of it with the person that got his vehicle towed. Just think you got things way out of proportion”.

Victim response:

I complained the day you towed my car! Yall were like tough crap! Just like you know you were!

I only waited because I didn’t know I had any recourse. After studying the Texas Towing Compliance website, I now know that your company ripped me off, and that I could actually do something about it, without hiring a lawyer. It’s time for me to teach you about ethics and respect!

Tommy’s response:

Wills Point is a small town people, that know us, know who and what we are so I don’t care what you think about me.

Victim’s final message:

In small claims court I don’t care if you have a lawyer or not. It’s between me.and the judge.


There is much more admissions by female and male owners/employees of Tommy’s Towing. in recorded conversations, which will entered into evidence when the Victim’s day in Court arrives.

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations received the victim’s complaints and assigned an investigator. (Track:0061227)

Law enforcement. especially DPS who work VanZandt county are advised to take notice of this criminal conduct of a tow company your agency may summoned to an accident scene, as this incident alone, proves Tommy Towing & Auto Repair cannot be trusted, especially after forging an LEO’s signature on tow ticket that wasn’t provided to the victim, as required by State Law.

Jess Horton con artist

This addiction of tow company owners to pay Southwest Tow Operator membership dues is very costly, if they consider the many battles where they spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight TDLR and something they can’t prevail in Court, is simply bad business or advice from your membership? But then again, with their motto being, Bribery Is Key To A Thriving Tow Business”, operating in jurisdictions where law enforcement is not upholding the law, the public is scammed daily while tow company owners line their pockets of ill-gotten profits at the expense of the motoring public…


A report was filed by a Texas Towing Compliance Audit staffer yesterday with the National Insurance Crime Bureau reference Tommy Towing & Auto Repair’s  billing practices for tractor trailers involved in traffic accidents, since Insurance Claims Investigators provided us copies of tow and storage bills they red flagged for excessive fees.

It will be interesting, as the Wills Point Chronicle editor is interviewing the victim and his wife, to warn others in the area for potential fraud when dealing with this company for any towing and storage whatsoever.

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