Small Claims Lawsuit Filed Against OnSite Towing Seeking $9,120.00 in Damages

criminals in tow trucks

The motoring public should take notice of the latest action against OnSite Towing and a property owner reference the outright theft a vehicle from a parking lot in Houston, Texas. The attorney representing all of dishonest tow companies in the Greater Houston area, Jonathan Bruce is in for a battle that is expected to draw media coverage by CNN, given the nature and who the vehicle in question belonged to.

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Taking someone vehicle without written authorization to do so, is a criminal offense in Texas, in addition civil penalties, that is sure to send shock waves through the private property towing industry and property management companies.

In a special note to the many tow victims who experienced their rights being violated at the hands Hilary Green and Jonathan Bruce, you are urge to go to the polls on election day, to vote forĀ Cheryl Elliott Thornton

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations is after OnSite Towing for illegally towing hundreds of vehicles throughout the Greater Houston area too.

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