Sega Towing Has Dealt Themselves & Account a Fatal Costly Mistake


Sega Towing, in Fort Worth, Texas, also a member of the Southwest Tow Operators, believe they can tow someone’s vehicle from a parking lot, bearing no tow signs and not suffer the consequences.


This location is a service station by the name of Everman’s Shell at 8654 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX.


This property has a total of three driveways entering from public roadways and you can clearly see there is not one tow sign posted, facing the driver of a vehicle upon entering.


Just how the tow company thinks, although the owner has been fined before by TDLR for the same reasons, towing vehicles without the required signage posted, they can legally do any towing from this address is the prime reason for TDLR to revoke their tow company license.

Tracking #61431 Photo 1b

Although there is one tow sign posted, it is not facing the driver entering, nor is a legal tow sign per statute, is smaller than the required 18″x24″ size with the wrong size lettering and lacks the statutory required text.

It’s of our opinion, this tow by Sega Towing is a pure scam, the victim has already filed the TDLR complaints (61431) and is in the process of preparing to file the Small Claims Court Lawsuit against the owner of Everman’s Shell and the landowner to collect the damages they are entitled to per 2308.404.

Another TDLR critical issue Mathew Tago must deal with, is the fact nobody answered the phone at the vehicle storage facility when the vehicle owner called about picking up her vehicle. Per the Victim Incident Report filed via the Texas Towing Compliance website:

I called the evening that I returned to the parking lot to find my vehicle gone. I called multiple times and was not able to reach anyone at the number provided by the property owner my vehicle was towed from. I then went to the physical address of the tow company and no one was on staff so I was not able to get my vehicle back that day.

I left a message early the next day and then called several more times before reaching someone. I spoke with that gentleman who stated they did in fact have my vehicle. I stated that there were no signs in the parking lot and he replied that “they had signs all over that lot.” He quoted me a price due to get my vehicle back as being $334.95. I then pointed out that I should not be charged for an additional day when I tried to get my vehicle the night before and was unable to. He agreed and did remove that charge.

I had to take a Uber to get to the towing facility so I incurred that cost in addition to the $314.95 to get my truck back. When I got to the facility, the gentleman stated that the worker who was supposed to be on duty the night before was sick and that is why no one was answering the phones or on site. He then checked my id and proof of insurance on my vehicle to confirm I was the owner. I again stated that I didn’t see any signs in the lot and would not have left my vehicle there if there would have been signs posted. He replied that there were signs there. I paid the $314.95 and was giving my keys and got my vehicle back.

The release paperwork given the vehicle owner is missing items and rights to a stored vehicle owner directs victims to the JP Court in Weatherford, instead of providing the required website address to find all of the JPs within the County vehicles are towed from, nor does the receipt provide the name of the person whom authorized the tow and fails to state the date, time and type of service for the $20 Impound Fee.

The violations for the Small Claims Court Lawsuit against this business owner are: Occupations Code 2308.255, 301, 302, and 455. The $314.95 she paid is equivalent to $2119.85 per 2308.404 which includes the filing fees and evidence production, payable by the owner of Everman’s Shell, not Sega.

The photos shown in this article are exactly the types of photos one must take to present as evidence in either the “Tow Hearing” or the “Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations”. It’s advised to take these photos during the day instead of night.

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