Section 8 Residents Targeted in Beaumont, Texas for Expired Sticker Scam for Profit

The Predatory Thieves of Liberty, Texas, K & K Towing is outright stealing vehicles from apartment complexes by towing them for expired stickers.  Their dispatcher admitted on a recorded line that the required ten day written notice was mailed by K & K Towing, at their expense, as a service they provide the property managers.

One BIG problem, giving anything of value directly or indirectly, such as postage in exchange for the right to tow a vehicle, is a criminal offense. Better put, it’s bribery, the key for a thriving tow business, as K & K are members of the Southwest Tow Operators, a trade organization whose founder, Dan Messina teaches tow company owners how to commit Workers Comp Fraud to increase their profits.

Residents and their guest residing in apartment complexes need to be aware, these thieves (tow truck drivers) are coming into your parking lots between 1am & 5am when everyone is asleep, so they can steal yours or someone else’s vehicle to line their pockets with your money. They run this scam around the first of the money knowing residents have money to pay their rent and bills, but in most cases, apartment residents are forced to pay to get their vehicle back just to go to work, then are face late rent fees your property manager enjoys because of their relationship with the tow company, who in the case of K & K gives kickbacks to. (already been proven in court)

Knowing this important information, anyone that see this company’s tow trucks prowling the parking lot or is in the process of hooking up a vehicle, please encounter the tow truck driver to find out why he is towing the vehicle, if he states the stickers are expired, then by all means use whatever means possible to prevent him from taking the vehicle, by hollering, standing in front of the tow truck or if the vehicle owner, get inside your vehicle, lock the doors and call 911 immediately, as if they try to tow your vehicle with you inside, they are kidnapping you.

Should anyone’s vehicle be towed by these crooks or any tow company in Jefferson County, file the Tow Hearing or the Small Claims Court Lawsuit for Statutory Violations at Justice of the Peace Brad Barnett’s’ court in Nederland by the airport.

Should anyone have any questions whatsoever about whether your vehicle is legally towed without your consent, call the tow hotline at 512-680-3190 or email us at

Prior to going and picking your vehicle from K&K, please read the Storage Lot Procedures to ensure your rights are protected.

Once you return to where you were towed from, follow this evidence gathering protocol to prepare for Court.

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