Reliant Towing VSF Refuses To Provide Release Documentation

Worst tow company in Austin owned by a pathological liar

     Worst tow company in Austin owned by a pathological liar

Reliant just screwed themselves for refusing to provide a vehicle owner after paying for their vehicle at their storage lot a receipt and the rights to a stored vehicle owner.

That person they just took advantage of has already filed a police report and Atkinson will be there soon writing Schroeder a ticket for violating the wrecker ordinance.

Attorney Richard Michael will be filing a lawsuit on behalf of the victim against Reliant for committing the violation of not providing a receipt upon payment that will cost them $3000, plus more TDLR fines.

The entire episode at Schroeder’s office was recorded by the victim.

Reliant Towing is by far one the worst tow companies and vehicle storage facilities in Central Texas, as they have zero morals, zero respect and extremely poor customer service skills, but one can’t anything more from a Southwest Tow Operators member, considering Mark Schroeder is nothing more than liar.

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