Reliant Towing Driver & Wife Beater Donald Elliott Targeting Female Drivers in Scam

Donald Elliott - Reliant

Reliant Towing‘s Driver Wife Beater Donald Elliott is scamming the public, specifically targeting mothers in apartment complexes in a predatory drop fee scam, instead of hooking up a vehicle, blocks a vehicle in, then demand $50 cash.

The latest of two complaints received late yesterday on Reliant, one states:

Reliant Towing

This company tows illegally. We left my apartment complex (Hillside Creek) to find a tow truck driver parked near our car, walking around our car taking pictures. When we approached him and asked what was going on, he immediately started swearing at us. If your car isn’t hooked up to the tow truck, you can legally drive away. What happened instead is that he started yelling at us, then ran and jumped in his tow truck and BLOCKED OUR CAR IN. He demanded $50 CASH (I’m sure the company loves that their employees are scamming people to line their own pockets) to unblock our car and allow us to leave. We ended up being stuck there and arguing with him for 45 minutes. At some point, even though I knew it was illegal and not the company’s policy, I agreed that I would give him the $50, just because it was late at night, my sister was in town on vacation, and we were literally running out of vacation time. At this point, he told me he didn’t want the cash anymore, that it was a “principle” thing. He told me to “be a woman, admit that [I’m] wrong, and apologize to him.” At this point I called the police. The police came and listened to our stories, and then informed him that towing our car would have been illegal, as the car was not hooked up when we walked up to the car, and that he had to unblock us and let us leave.

In an interesting twist, a week later, the owner of the car we were trying to leave in was pulled over in the middle of the night, and several squad cars came out. Apparently, there was an anonymous tip called in about his car (this is a man with no record, excellent driver, nothing to hide, etc). It’s pretty clear who would call in such a tip. Especially considering the tow truck driver took several pictures of his car, license plate, etc.

Manager Mark Schoeder lies to gain business from competitors

Black male tow truck driver targeting female motorist in drop fee scam in apartment complexes

The tow truck that acted SO INCREDIBLY ILLEGALLY is:
TDLR# 0006447175009IM
License Plate# T08 12F
Truck #7

Elliott takes pride in beating females until they are unconscious in front of their children, so it’s only fair gang members in the low income apartment¬† complexes they tow from teach Elliott or any Reliant driver a lesson about respect…

This is another reason, anyone living in apartment complex where Reliant tows from, to get in the face of their tow truck drivers and do whatever necessary to stop the towing of someone’s vehicle, even if the vehicle is not yours, as they are prohibited by State Law of proving ownership…; Reliant continues to provide an illegal tow sign, as they included prohibited text, “THE” in the statutory phrase “Unauthorized Vehicles Will be Towed At Owner’s or Operator’s Expense.

Austin attorney Richard Micheal has yet to lose a case involving Reliant, so if your towed by these crooks, call him at 512-554-9411 and pay zero upfront legal fees..

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