Regulation of Tow Companies in Texas Should Be Returned to TxDOT in Next Legislative Session

Predatory Towing

Predatory towing is out of control in Texas, because the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) is more interested in placing tow companies on $1.00 payment plans at the taxpaying citizens misery. TDLR has more trades to regulate than ever before and chooses which licensees they go after, as many of the predatory tow companies in Texas continue to knowingly violate the law with impunity as many police and sheriff departments refuse to enforce the law using the same lame excuse of shortage of manpower.

TxDOT on the other hand regulates motor carriers, which the tow industry has always been and when TxDOT was regulating the industry, the bad apples were shutdown instead of being given a $1 fine with payment plan as done by TDLR, as matter of fact, TxDOT not once fined a tow company less than $4000 and currently has the manpower to regain control of the predatory nature of corrupt tow companies targeting the public daily.

It’s of our opinion and many others, in the upcoming Texas Legislative session, lawmakers take a serious look at placing the regulation of tow companies and tow truck driver back under the control of the Texas Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Division.

With many tow truck driver felons currently licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations pulling guns on vehicle owners and operators when they catch them attempting to tow their vehicles, when not fully loaded for transport, it’s only a matter of time, before private property towing takes a turn to the worse, with tow truck drivers and their female passengers being gunned down in the parking lots.

Everybody that has been victimized at the hands of a tow company and their drivers are encouraged to begin writing, calling and emailing your elected officials in Austin to make this change, as with TxDOT regulating the tow industry, the abuses many Texans are experiencing whom paid a hefty price, as TxDOT will put a stop to criminal behavior and once for all set the caps of Incident Management Fees for traffic accidents, the Legislature told TDLR to set in the last session, they refused to do, because of being infiltrated by members of the various towing associations who send millions of dollars of campaign donations. to elected officials they can buy off.

The buying off of elected officials in Austin has taken a heavy toll on those you sponsored legislation written by various attorneys who represent the tow industry, as once power full Dallas Senator John Carona was removed from office during a primary race as the 6300 victims in his district said no more of the corruption that caused many to lose their vehicles from their apartments they lives, in Carona’s district.

Then the legislative session before Carona was removed from office, Tuffy Hamilton, who sold out his voters in Jefferson and Hardin counties in exchange for a $20K campaign donation from the Southwest Tow Operators and the Texas Towing & Storage Association to legalize bribery of a property manager, buy giving them the required tow signs in a bill he sponsored, was also removed from office after another 15K victims of predatory towing that happened his district brought a heavy voter turnout, after all of them were burned financially because of legislation he sponsored.

With the announced retirement of William “Bill” Kuntz, effective August 31, 2016 and the appointment, effective September 1, 2016 of of Bryan Francis as the new executive director, this brings a new era for the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, something the employees of TDLR deserve, as Kuntz was more about putting corrupt licensees before the victims of predatory tow companies, their tow truck operator, vehicle storage facilities and vehicle storage facility employees, who to this day, abuse vehicle owners and operators 24/7 unabated as they know TDLR will do nothing to them, as valid complaints are thrown in the trash instead of being forwarded to TDLR Enforcement.

With our founder of Texas Towing Compliance’s failing medical problems, Mr. Johnson has been accused of everything you can imagine, in effort to change the public’s perception of a dedicated not for profit organization, who continues to educate not only the public, but many members of law enforcement, who now a gateway to obtain the necessary training to enforce the Texas Towing Storage & Booting Act and numerous attorneys around the State who represent the thousands of victims of illegal towing without having to pay upfront legal fees to receive damages for violation of the law, to include mental anguish, personal injury, vehicle damage and violation of the Property Code.

With calls to the 24 Hour Hotline and the Tow Victim Incident Report being filed daily, vehicle owners, operators and businesses know Texas Towing Compliance is the real deal as we get results in fashion unlike any other organization or legal entity, as the authorizing party pays all of damages State Law entitles a vehicle owner or operator to receive, not the tow company, as we continue to encourage any legal action taken with regards to vehicle towing, exclude the tow company in the filing petition, except in the case of a traffic accident.

And finally, our strike teams, consisting of retired law enforcement enjoy the protocols in place, as we don’t follow the law enforcement protocols within regard to the use of force, being such, we take the fight directly to the tow truck drivers and spotters during the many bait vehicle sting operations, many of which are embedded with law enforcement. We DO NOT HESITATE in using deadly force when any of our teams member’s lives are placed danger of serious bodily injury, as many tow truck drivers have experienced firsthand the deployment of the Taser X26P, thanks to a generous grant from a national insurance company, during drop fee sting operations.

Texas Towing Compliance currently has 32M subscribers, which means the public understands their rights guaranteed by Texas State Law, with more subscribing daily. Should anyone choose to register and have a problem with the Captcha, a simple message via the Comment Section with your preferred User name. email address, name and phone number, will allow us to get you registered and you will receive an email, so a new user can change their password.

We ask the public to keep Mr. Johnson in your prayers, as his doctors have provided him with a written letter stating his anticipated life expectancy to be less than 9 months, if not sooner.

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