Regina Ruiz Impersonates Being Police Sgt To Lure Teenage Girls

Not a day goes by in San Marcos without Regina Ruiz, the parking coordinator for the City of San Marcos sticking her foot in her mouth, as if she is somebody of importance.  Regina Ruiz attempted to intervene at a traffic accident in San Marcos while a tow truck operator under orders from the officer on scene to load the vehicle to open up the roadway.

SMPD Regina Ruiz Supports Convicted Baby Killers

Regina Ruiz is told not once, but three times by SMPD officers and SMPD staff to not to interfere at the scene of the accident, as she has no business being involved, period.

It has also been learned that SMPD CID went to the Victoria’s Secret store at the outlet mall to confirm based on security video that Regina Ruiz with her Hays HS female student companion were in the store buying bras and panties on the taxpayer’s dime. Regina Ruiz thought she could be sneaky by parking her SMPD White Ford Ranger behind a dumpster to avoid being seen there, but she was  under surveillance the moment she drove out of the parking lot of the San Marcos Police Station.

Ms Ruiz needs to understand, she is not a police officer nor is she a sergeant with the San Marcos Police Department even though she displayed a SMPD badge on her belt, then  she placed the title of being a SMPD Sergeant on her Ford F-150 (lure tactic for females she seeks) didn’t sit well with the current police chief that resulted in the Sergeant title being removed from the city issued vehicle she drives and the badge confiscated.

SMPD Regina Ruiz pictured on the left

SMPD Regina Ruiz pictured on the left

It’s also been reported by residents in Regina Ruiz’ Kyle neighborhood, that Regina Ruiz runs stop signs and seldom signals a lane change in the SMPD Ford F150 as if she is police officer when in fact she is not.

Regina Ruiz is a disgrace to the San Marcos Police Department and citizens of San Marcos for her outrageous behavior when she is taking her city issued vehicle shopping in Austin and Kyle or hauling furniture for her friends at the taxpayer’s expense.

We know based on a conversation, SMPD Commander Lee Leonard, Regina’s supervisor is not going to allow their citizens and college students to be targeted by predatory tow companies or harassed, bullied, lured for sexual behavior by Regina Ruiz.

At one of Regina Ruiz’s previous employers, the Travis County Gardner Betts Juvenile Facility, incarcerated juveniles were subjected to Regina leaning over them in bed exposing her breast, many complained to their parents, which led to Regina Ruiz resigning from her job instead of being prosecuted for inappropriate behavior with teens while in custody.

The longer San Marcos officials (Jared Miller) allow this behavior of Regina Ruiz to continue, the more damage to San Marcos’ reputation as a tourist destination fades away due to sex crazed employee who supports a baby murderer who targets them the moment they park their vehicles.

If any women or teenage girls experience unwanted sexual comments or advances from Regina Ruiz while in a San Marcos police vehicle or in person, you are encouraged to call Commander Leonard at 512-753-2108 immediately.

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