Property Managers Often Accept Kickbacks

It is not uncommon for an apartment complex property manager, supervisor and/or owner, to ask for and receive financial incentives in return for a contract to tow vehicles.

Some towing company owners goes an far as to advertise in online and print publications, encouraging a property manager, supervisors and owners to conspire to commit a criminal act against their own residents, at the expense of the vehicle owner or operator.

It is not uncommon for your property manager to sacrifice there integrity for the sake of profit from a towing company.

I on more than one occasion have heard property managers brag about trips to Las Vegas, as a reward for the income generated from towing vehicles from apartment complex parking lots, for the towing company.

Anyone who chooses to live in an apartment complex should ask if they have a towing company that prowls the parking lot, to tow vehicles without warning.

You can almost be sure that if a towing company’s name is on the red and white towing sign, that is supposed to posted as you enter of the parking facility from a public street, the sign belongs to the towing company, not the apartment complex.

Property Manager, Supervisor, and Owners should heed the warning, that you are responsible for your parking facility being in compliance with State Law.

Even if your towing company’s contract states they will hold you harmless from towing vehicles with your authorization, you are still subject to criminal prosecution for violating the Towing Act.

You most likely been assured by your towing company, you pose no danger, but, that is a lie.

Another misleading issue, is the Certificate of Insurance, that some towing companies provide with their towing contracts. Unless that Certificate provides General Liability with $2M each occurrence, your property and residents are not protected. You should read and verify the coverage, before signing a contract with a towing company.

On November 18th, I will be attending the Apartment Association of Tarrant County’s Trade Show, as guest speaker for Eric’s Towing and encourage property managers and supervisors, to learn the facts of about what will happen to your property management company if you choose to violate the Texas Towing Act.

Remember, it only takes “one” violation of the Texas Towing Act to be found guilty in Justice Court. Not only will you be liable for your attorneys fee, but the three times plus $300 judgment, the victim’s attorney fees and a criminal record.

It’s so easy to comply, instead of costing your property owner a lot of undue heartache, bad publicity and a drain your revenue.

Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit
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