Pro Tow Wrecker Service Continues To Tow Vehicles Without Probable Cause

Received several calls yesterday from folks towed by Pro Tow Wrecker Service located in Lewisville, Texas from private property, all bearing tow signs that state “Towing Enforced At All Times”, which makes all tows illegal and without probable cause.

Pro Tow is also a member of the predatory Southwest Tow Operators, therefore knowingly violating the law is just part of doing business.

But in these cases, a lot of victims have reached out to Texas Towing Compliance, which directed them to the Law Office of Karen McRae at (214) 828-7147 so they may collect at both the tow hearing and the lawsuit for statutory violations.

Then to put icing on the cake, we educated all of them on filing the TDLR complaints against Pro Tow, so TDLR can issue them some more administrative fines and order reimbursements.

So all of these victims of predatory illegal towing will see their investment (tow and storage fees) multiply greatly in what the originally paid as much as 100%.

If any tow sign states: “Towing Enforced At All Times” in the red background directly below the tow symbol at the top of the sign, your vehicle has been illegally towed and are due compensation.

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