Price Gouging on Tow Fees in Flood Disaster Areas

The hotline has been busy this morning with the bulk of the calls regarding price gouging the stated tow fee to motorists stranded on flooded roadways in the Houston area.

It’s extremely disappointing, but not surprised that tow truck operators and the companies they work for would take advantage of the public during a disaster.

Let there be no doubt consequences comes with targeting disaster victims for profit as TDLR is not going to allow it and the Attorney General will cause those who benefit from a disaster without honesty will pay a steep price and risks losing their tow company and tow truck operator licensees.

If you have been victimized of price gouging in the Houston area, please call the Houston Police Department at (832) 394-4800 and file the online TDLR complaints against the tow truck operator for performing tow operations without honest, integrity and trustworthiness. The Texas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division can also be reached at 800-621-0508.

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