Predatory Minded Tow Companies Use Christmas Holidays To Harass & Steal

Expired Sticker Tow Scam

Around the Christmas holidays, we know based on history, predatory tow truck and boot operators will capitalize on residents and their guests in apartment complexes. It’s one thing to tow a vehicle in someone’s assigned parking space (most marked illegally), but to tow someone’s vehicle for displaying an expired inspection (Texas did away with Inspection Stickers) is just plain evil, especially when the vehicle belongs to a guest of a resident.

Jess Horton con artist

The majority of these types of dishonest tow truck operators are employed by tow companies who are members of the Southwest Tow Operators, who incidentally are fined more frequently by TDLR than those companies who are not members of this organization whose President, Jess Horton (pictured above), is nothing more than con artist who prides himself of making the public’s life miserable during the holiday season, as his motto is: “the key to a thriving tow business is bribery”

I can recall when I was General Manager of two tow companies, the owners of these companies chose not to do any towing at apartment complexes, so those families could celebrate Christmas without the fear of their or their guests vehicles being towed.

But unfortunately, times have changes as has the mindset of unscrupulous tow company owners and their drivers, who view the Christmas holidays as way to line their pockets at the expense of the public.

We want wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, but remain vigilant as the thieves who are card-carrying members of the Southwest Tow Operators are out to make rob you of your Christmas spirit by making illegal tows, then demanding a ransom to get your vehicle back….

“Always” file the TDLR complaints after being towed without your consent, as TDLR stands ready to hold their licensees responsible for committing violations the law at the tax-paying citizen’s misery.

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