Predatory H Town Towing Continues Terrorizing Clute, Texas


Don Perry, the ringleader of H Town Towing, designated a “criminal enterprise” has stooped to a new low, not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operators member, by towing vehicles from apartment complex parking lots in Clute, Texas, all the way back to a storage facility in Houston, Texas, 60 miles away.

Residents at the Brazoswood Apartments are stunned, because their vehicles are being towed for merely being backed in to a parking space, then learning they must find away to get to Houston to get their vehicles back after paying $300+.

Perry knows his actions are criminal and even TDLR has told the tow industry their are certain things they cannot tow vehicles for in apartment complexes, but chooses to ignore both State Law and TDLR, as they know the victims they target have no clue of the State Laws they must abide by.

Currently, the City of Clute does not regulate tow fees or private property towing, but that may change soon, to protect the residents and tourists in Clute.

The Clute City Council would be wise to update their “wrecker ordinance” to state that any vehicle towed by the Clute Police Department or from parking lots within their city limits, be stored at a vehicle storage facility located within their city limits.

In the attachment, is a TDLR active case against another Houston area tow company for towing vehicles for being “double parked” or “backed in” so the public can better understand how to fight the property management company in Court should their vehicles be towed for these reasons.

Download (PDF, 108KB)

UPDATE: 10/24/2015 1:05AM

Residents living in apartment complexes in both Clute and Lake Jackson, Texas are under assault by predatory H Town Towing even with increment weather foretasted for both communities, But what these criminals of Don Perry’s Criminal Organization will not expect, is the three Houston based Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams waiting for them with 21 bait vehicles stationed along 288 to engage them in the act of making illegal tows before they make it out of Brazoria County. We know how to deal criminals in tow trucks, better than law enforcement, as out rules of engagement doesn’t follow the same protocols of law enforcement.

It will not be a pretty sight and we seriously doubt Perry’s drivers will be sleeping in their own beds come daylight if they take a bait vehicle, DPS moments ago stopped one of their trucks on 288 for speeding.



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