Bobby New candidate for bio story in 2015 Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Bobby New, President of Southside Wrecker Inc, longtime towing and storage contractor for the Austin Police Department has the potential to be featured in cover page story in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine.

Based on conversations overheard from Bobby’s tow truck operators with recent delivery of more new tow trucks (potential artificial reef), $4M so far, while the rebid hasn’t been officially awarded by City Council nor announced by COA Purchasing, proves without a doubt, the bidding process is compromised.

But then again, 10 years ago when the COA Fleet Services contract bids were being evaluated, a retired, now deceased, Fleet Service’s employee was bought a house by Bobby New and then Southside Wrecker was awarded the contract.

Bobby New and the Southside family know all to well about the sports fishing out of Corpus Christi, as for the past 10 years, they have taken current and retired city employees, former council members and elected officials on expense paid trips, as a result, increased their family’s monopolized wealth to become millionaires on the backs of the public….

Should our new City Council and Mayor keep the promises they made with the public, they will vote not to award the 5 year contract with Southside Wrecker, as the only way change happens, is when a new council and mayor is on the daïs and the entire public is heard from about the abuses inflicted upon them by Southside & APD.

Read the various emails within the current contract COA file from city employees during the no contact period of the bidding process with Southside Wrecker’s owners.

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