Plano Police Department Turns Blind Eye to Criminal Conduct of Wrecker Drivers

Once again, another Texas law enforcement agency is failing to own up to it’s responsibility to allow it’s citizens to file an offense report for an illegal tow and turn potential victims away with the common invalid excuse, “it’s a civil matter because it happened on private property”.

Geez, banks are on private property that the Police respond to when robbed, what difference could it be, that when a wrecker driver steals a vehicle from private property, both criminal offenses, that the Plano Police Department decided to ignore one and not the other.

This latest incident involved at least 4 victims I am aware of, all of them after reading my website, calling Plano Police Department, to report the illegal towing, only to be told by a police officer who doesn’t have a clue about the Texas Towing Law, based her comment to one of the victims.

The main issue in this Plano incident is that the towing company, Fredacom Enterprises, LLC dba Choice Towing, committed a felony offense, by tampering with a governmental record (towing and vehicle storage receipt) by knowingly providing false information, regarding who authorized the tows from a vacant parking lot across the street from Fry’s Electronics.

What is happening, is these criminals are using the address of Fry’s Electronics on the towing receipt, when actually, the vehicles were being towed from another address.

I would like know what valid excuse the Plano Police Department has for not arresting wrecker drivers committing a known felony, as in this incident.

It’s one thing for a police department protect the public, but protecting this type of felony criminal conduct by towing companies operating in their city limits, is just ridiculous!

I highly suggest that the Plano Police Department contact TDLR or the Austin Police Department to educate themselves on the criminal enforcement of the Texas Towing Law.

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