Piggly Wiggly of K & K Towing Targeting Low Income African American Senior Citizens in Port Arthur, Texas

A total of 23 calls from distressed senior citizens surviving on social security income living at the Village Apartments in Port Arthur has taken a toll, on the least whom can afford to lose their only means to get groceries, make doctor’s appointments and get the medications of the pharmacy, by none other than Shawna “Piggly Wiggly” Kreuzer’s K & K Towing.

We can guarantee this behavior will come to an end soon, as Port Arthur City Council members are being called from voters in tears demanding intervention, as we are in contact with them to get a new wrecker ordinance in place, that will drop the private property tow fee to $100, no drop fee allowed or storage related fees for the first 48 hours and any vehicle towed within their city limits be stored within their city limits.  The San Antonio Wrecker Ordinance that was created to address private property towing and the City of Houston Wrecker Ordinance has the fee setting formula and the tow truck operator licensing requirements will be used to draft a new Port Arthur Wrecker Ordinance.

We will provide our Outreach Teams based out of Fort Worth to help the City of Port Arthur meet this goal to drive these predatory tow companies out-of-town or be arrested by their police department who is receiving the law enforcement training from the San Antonio Police Department’s Vehicle Crimes Unit.

With so many people being taken advantage of by the Kreuzer Piglets, many whom lost their vehicles, far to many to count who were targeted for their social security checks and the hundreds of African American senior citizens without family members are encouraged to visit 721 Riffle Street in Port Neches, as there is always more than enough food and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

Kreuzer Family Reunion - K & K Towing

Be sure to arrive early and stay until the sun goes down, as the Kreuzers aim to please, given the sheer amount of money taken from Southeast Texas households, that enables them to give back to those who are down on their luck…

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