Park Right Solutions Owes Everyone Towed Big Bucks for Towing Vehicles to Unlicensed Storage Facility

Park Right Sign - Covered Parking Reserved

Everyone towed by Park Right Solution since 02.23.2016 to 03.01.2016 is entitled to $1600 with one day’s storage if your vehicle was stored at 4416 BRANDT RD, AUSTIN, TX, since they don’t have a valid Vehicle Storage Facility License.  Everyone towed during this time period by Park Right 1s encouraged to file the TDLR Complaints against Park Right Solution’s Storage Facility license for an expired license and against Park Right Solution’s tow company license for towing a nonconsent towed vehicle to an unlicensed vehicle storage facility. These two violations will cost Freddie Ximenez dearly with TDLR and his accounts that authorized the tows will be writing checks to those towed ranging from $800 – $2000 per vehicle regardless the number of times towed during this time period.\

Your vehicle could be towed for a valid reason during this time period and you would still be entitled to money, that the Law Office of Richard Michael will collect for you and split the award 50/50….

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