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Major Illegal Towing Scam in Port Mansfield Targeting Fisherman

My trailer was there for less than 24 hours before it was taken by the WCND. I was a guest at a friend’s rental condo. My first time there (and my last time there to recreate). My friend put the trailer in the large parking lot because he said it would not be allowed at […]

Sting Operations Underway

Effective 12:10am, twenty six strike teams commenced operations around Texas with 105 bait vehicles. Tow truck operators best be conducting tow operations with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, as if we catch you violating the regulations, you will suffer the consequences..

A-1 Towing Service Continues to Scam Motorists in the Bryan/College Station area

Everyone that has been towed by A-1 Wrecker Service from a private or public parking lot anywhere in Brazos County are due a refund, mainly because of illegal towing signs posted. Over the past week, 30+ vehicle owners and or operators have called the 24hr Tow Victims Hotline with similar concerns.  It seems A-1’s vehicle […]

Need Extra Money for Christmas, Get Towed by J&J Towing and Collect $1000

Everybody, regardless the reason, towed by J&J Towing in Austin is due big bucks. Pay $193.30, collect $1000. Not one of J&J’s tow signs are legal because of missing verbiage, text or posted in the wrong location and not facing the driver when entering the parking lot. All of J&J’s tow signs are mounted on […]

More TDLR Complaints Filed by Tow Victims Lead to More TDLR Fines

Be prepared to get a buzz when these dope smokers open the window! Once again, observant vehicle owners who were educated with the Texas Towing Compliance website are exercising their rights after leaving the vehicle storage facility where they retrieved their vehicles, by filing the TDLR complaints and submitting the evidence, so much evidence, that […]

Lone Star Wrecker Service – Corpus Christi – Expired Sticker Scam

Warning Stickers Mean Nothing For Expired Stickers!!! This morning, we have received numerous calls reference orange warning stickers being placed on vehicles at apartment complexes for expired registration stickers in the Corpus Christi area that have tow signs bearing Lone Star Wrecker Service. The Cantu family has a rich history with the Texas Department of […]

Atlas Towing & Recovery Continues to Tow Vehicles Without Probable Cause

Atlas Towing & Recovery located in San Antonio, Texas continues to take advantage of the public, members of the military and tourists who park their vehicles in parking lots bearing illegal tow signs with their name of them.  Atlas’ owner Ricardo is nothing more than a thug who prides himself with knowingly violating State Law […]

The Thieves of Austin Booted Out of San Antonio, Texas

The sun is shining brighter in San Antonio as Riverwalk Towing (Frank Sapp) and Assured Towing have lost key contracts that kept them afloat for the past couple years. According to sources who know, Frank Sapp (J&J Towing owner) who also owned Riverwalk Towing lost 98% of their San Antonio income when Central Parking Systems […]

Three Different Tow Companies Caught Towing Without Safety Chains

Our strike teams are watching every tow truck passing through Austin on Interstate 35 for towing vehicles without safety chains, non-working tow lights and failure to keep towed vehicles in the same lane they are traveling. Everyone caught will be videotaped and complaints filed with TDLR to stop this dangerous behavior to keep the roadways […]

Skeeter’s Wrecker Service Caught in Austin Not Using Safety Chains & Speeding

Our strike teams caught up with a speeding (76mph in 60mph) heavy duty tow truck towing a tractor trailer in an unsafe and competent manner due to his speed and not attaching safety chains to the tractor trailer as shown in the attached video. The Tow Truck Operator’s name is Phillip Eustache and according to […]

Dishonest Landry’s Towing of Beaumont Knowingly Scammed Motorists

The public residing in Jefferson and Orange counties were seriously taken advantaged of by Landry Roundtree for profit when he shouldn’t even have towed or stored any vehicles period. Roundtree knew his actions were illegal, but chose to take advantage of the public and insurance companies anyway to line his pockets of ill-gotten money to […]

No More Cash Only Demands to Get Your Vehicle Out of Storage in Texas

ALL vehicle storage facilities in Texas must release vehicles within one hour’s notice and also must accept the following forms of payment, cash, credit cards and electronic checks. If a vehicle storage facility refuses to accept any of the three forms of payment, the storage charges stop on that day until they are able to […]

Rios Towing & SMPD Regina Ruiz Taking Advantage of Motorists With Impunity

Once again, San Marcos Police Department Parking Coordinator has taken sides with Rios Towing by allowing unauthorized charges pertaining to traffic accidents with the city limits of San Marcos. In the latest incident involving a traffic accident between a car and motorcycle, Miss Ruiz showed her true colors by using profanity that was recorded during […]

UT Austin PTS Knowingly Violating State Law Targeting Students & Alumni

In an email to the President of the University of Texas at Austin reference predatory unlicensed booting, towing and relocation of vehicles: 1. Not one person who places a boot on a vehicle regardless the reason fails to hold the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Boot Operator License; 2. Prior to home football games, […]

The Villains of DFW, Black Bull Towing Face TDLR Revocation

Of all the predatory tow companies in the the DFW area, Black Bull Towing is by far the worst, by owning the very apartment complexes they are terrorizing the residents and their guest that reside in them. The simple fact the owner of Black Bull Towing lives in Israel should garner the attention of the […]

Predatory Atlas Towing & Recovery Days Numbered As TDLR Seeks to Revoke Their License

The days of Atlas Towing & Recovery taking advantage of the citizens and thousands of tourists are numbered, as they have been fined numerous times by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations. Not only has TDLR fined Atlas, but the San Antonio Police Department’s Wrecker Enforcement Detective has written numerous citations to Atlas’ accounts […]

AusTex Towing & Recovery Caught 3rd Time Not Using Safety Chains

AutoReturn contractor places public in harm’s way towing a Capitol Metro Bus without safety chains or tow lights down the highway. This is a serious violation of TDLR regulations as should that bus come off the wheel lift, it’s shear death to other motorist on the highway. ALWAYS video tow trucks or rollbacks towing vehicles […]

Denton Soon To Pass Wrecker Ordinance to Address Predatory Towing

Denton officials have the opportunity to pass a wrecker ordinance to rein in the tow/storage fees for private property towing, which as it is today ($293.30) by lowering the tow fee to $145. What Denton PD Lt. Mays doesn’t know, is that a city ordinance can set the storage related fees, say $10 a day, […]

AusTex Towing & Recovery towing a vehicle in an unsafe and competent manner

This is the evidence video sent to TDLR in complaint against a contract tow company for the Austin Police Department. You can clearly see there are no tow lights or safety chains attached to the tractor sitting on the under-lift. TDLR is issuing fines to tow companies who place the motoring public in harms way […]

Predatory Reliant Towing Seldom Obeys the Safety Chain regulations

This TDLR violation cost a tow company $2000 and Mark Schroeder deserves to have a TDLR Investigator come visit him at 10000 Slaughter Creek Drive considering how many people his company has taken advantage of….. Once again, it’s only fair the drivers of reliant towing pay the TDLR fine for failing to tow a vehicle […]

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