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The Public & Local Tow Companies Screwed With AutoReturn/APD Contract

Last night, members of the Austin Towing Association met with Ron Perry of Auto Return and Detective Thomas Ballard to discuss the 24 page contract they expected local tow companies, who want to haul vehicles for APD. Since the day the Auto Return contract was awarded by City Council, Bobby New, Henry “Shorty” Jones and […]

San Marcos Baby Killer Tony Rios Acknowledges Overcharge & Agree to Refund $100

Today, in Hays County JP Prado’s court, convicted baby killer Tony Rios acknowledged and agreed to refund the $100 overcharge of a San Marcos PD collision tow to the vehicle owner. In the courtroom sitting on the back row, Regina Ruiz, the Parking Coordinator for the San Marcos Police Department, was present to lend her […]


A tow truck driver working for Parking Management Company located in Houston, Texas today charged an unauthorized drop fee of $80 cash when the vehicle was not fully ready for transport. This tow truck driver would only accept cash, the vehicle owner didn’t have cash, but had a credit card, which the driver refused to […]

Reliant Towing VSF Refuses To Provide Release Documentation

Reliant just screwed themselves for refusing to provide a vehicle owner after paying for their vehicle at their storage lot a receipt and the rights to a stored vehicle owner. That person they just took advantage of has already filed a police report and Atkinson will be there soon writing Schroeder a ticket for violating […]

West Towing Service of Texarkana Fined $3000 by TDLR

West Towing Service located in Texarkana, Texas claims on their website to be a premiere towing service, but if that is true, then why did TDLR issue them a $3000 fine for allowing an unlicensed individual to operate a tow truck on October 14, 2015. Company: WEST MOTOR COMPANY OF TEXARKANA, INC. City: TEXARKANA County: […]

Corruption Within Austin Police Department, IAD Complaint Filed

As if local police departments around the United States are faced with enough problems with gaining the support of the public they are supposed to be protecting, corruption within the ranks continue to pose problems. Vehicle towing is a lucrative business, not only for the tow companies, but for municipalities who solicit revenue generating contracts […]

Predatory H Town Towing Continues Terrorizing Clute, Texas

Don Perry, the ringleader of H Town Towing, designated a “criminal enterprise” has stooped to a new low, not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operators member, by towing vehicles from apartment complex parking lots in Clute, Texas, all the way back to a storage facility in Houston, Texas, 60 miles away. Residents at the Brazoswood […]

Beware of Drug Users in Tow Trucks in Corpus Christi, Texas

As if the public has enough to worry about with drunk drivers causing havoc or death on the roadways in Corpus Christi, Texas, now they must keep an eye out for tow truck drivers under the influence of drugs that make for a deadly mix. Sanford’s 24HR Wrecker Service has been fined by the Texas […]

G&G Impounding in Violation of TDLR Licensing Regulations

Rather or not APD Wrecker Detective Atkinson cites this company for these violations is beyond anyone’s imagination, since he refuses to uphold State Law reference 2308.301 and 302 with regards to added or missing statutory text and verbiage on the tow signs. The tow sign bearing this company’s name does not comply with State Law […]

More Proof We Make A Difference When Fighting Tow Companies in Court

We know what we are talking about when it comes to the Texas Towing Law, more so than most police departments and even TDLR. The following is an email from a victim of illegal towing in the Harlingen area as this victim doesn’t speak or spell English well but after a 45 minute call prior […]

Criminal Enterprise Reliant Towing Creates New Illegal Tow Sign

Nothing surprises us with Mark Schroeder when it comes to engaging in organized criminal activity against the citizens of Austin reference illegal towing. In the latest discovery, Schroeder has created a tow sign that without a doubt does not follow State Law by adding words to statutory phrases in “quotes”. It cost no more or […]

San Marcos Tow Problems Continue Because of One Person: Regina Ruiz

TXST students continue to be targeted by predatory tow companies, Rios Towing and Will Tow with the assistance of the San Marcos Police Department Parking Coordinator Pedophile Regina Ruiz. The problems in San Marcos is no different from any city where a person of authority plays favoritism, instead of making every tow company, tow truck […]

Atlas Towing & Recovery Unknowingly Tows 17 Bait Vehicles

Teams reporting within the past 72 hours, the thieves at Atlas Towing & Recovery towed 17 of our bait vehicles from parking lots with illegal tow signs posted that Judge Vasquez has ruled do not comply with 2308.301 and 302. Ricardo Venegas and his wife have been taking advantage of the public since 2008, targeting […]

Operation Hunt: 168 bait vehicles towed to date

Nothing surprises us anymore with dishonest tow companies and property managers, as selected ones have allowed to date, 168 bait vehicles to be towed from parking lots that fail to comply with 2308.301 and 302. This operation has been underway since October 5th and teams are enjoying themselves watching the thieves at work. It’s difficult […]

Texas Vehicle Storage Facilities Continue to Abuse Vehicle Owners

Not all, but most vehicle storage facilities across Texas, licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations demand signatures, cash only, refuses to allow a vehicle owner to go to their vehicles to get their wallets/purses, refuse to provide the name of the person whom authorized the tow, refuse to provide the insurance information […]

Auto Return Contractor AusTex Towing & Recovery Violating Bid Requirement

One of the many requirements of the rebid for the Austin Police Department Total Towing Management Bid, was that any vehicle storage facility participating as a contractor to Auto Return, the storage facility be no less than 7 acres in size. AusTex Towing & Recovery’s Vehicle Storage Facility in it’s current form fails to meet […]

More Consumer Complaints = More TDLR Fines & Revocations

Licensees just don’t get it, between strike teams and the public, they are being watched, photographed and videoed anytime they come in contact with someone they have caused grief or the misconception they are violating the law. With over five million email subscribers to the Texas Towing Compliance website, the motoring public has gained an […]

Tow Companies Getting Burned With Auto Return Contract

There is no doubt, of all the 40 tow companies who responded to APD Rotation calls prior to the Auto Return contract being awarded, many of the 40 are not getting their fair share of calls. We knew this was going to happen prior to Council action awarding a contract that was rigged from the […]

Major Tow Scam Involving University of North Texas & On The Road Again

The University of North Texas and On The Road Again has been scamming students by towing their vehicles from campus parking lots with illegal tow signs and storing their vehicles at an unlicensed vehicle storage facility relocated by On The Road Again, another corrupt tow company in Denton County. Any and everyone towed or booted […]

Pro Tow Wrecker Service Continues To Tow Vehicles Without Probable Cause

Received several calls yesterday from folks towed by Pro Tow Wrecker Service located in Lewisville, Texas from private property, all bearing tow signs that state “Towing Enforced At All Times”, which makes all tows illegal and without probable cause. Pro Tow is also a member of the predatory Southwest Tow Operators, therefore knowingly violating the […]

Thousands of Vehicles Towed Illegally From Apartment Complexes

Everyday, hundreds of vehicles are towed without legal authority to do so and the public has been duped into believing whatever is posted on the tow sign, their vehicle would be subject to being towed, when in fact it’s a SCAM. The only reasons an unattended vehicle can legally be towed from an apartment complex […]

Unlicensed Tow Company & Vehicle Storage Facility Scamming Motorists in Houston, Texas

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations has received complaints about an unlicensed tow company and vehicle storage facility in the Houston area. An individual created a company by the name of Texas Wrecker Service without first applying for both licenses. This is shear fraud and any vehicle this company’s tow trucks tow are doing […]

Action Towing located in League City Caught Lying Before JP McCumber

Action Towing (Southwest Tow Operators Member) out of League City, Texas are crooks worse than some, as Haitham Baqdounes and Kenneth Price, lie cheat, steal and damage vehicles they tow without probable cause, all for the mighty dollar. (common with predatory tow companies who engage in criminal activity) Their butts got kicked in JP McCumber’s […]

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