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J&J Towing Warning Sticker Pays No Less Than $800 if $193.30 is Paid

If your vehicle was towed after this orange sticker was affixed to the windshield, you can expect to collect no less than $800, if you paid $193.30 to get your vehicle back from J&J Towing when represented by the Law Office of Richard Michael. Should a vehicle owner or operator choose to represent themselves and […]

Galveston Tow Scam Victim Scores Big Win Against Marty’s Towing LLC of Galveston

Marty’s Wrecker Towing LLC in Galveston has burned 1000’s of tourists with impunity, from the Houston area while spending the weekend on Island. But one victim found the Texas Towing Compliance website, educated himself, read many articles, followed the evidence gathering protocol, prepared his case carefully, filed the 404 Lawsuit in JP McCumber’s Court that […]

The Austin Police Department Puts Storage Facilities on Notice

Last night and mostly everyday, citizens are calling 911 reference J&J demanding they sign their paperwork after payment has been made, prior to gaining the release of their vehicles. The incident last night dealt with two issues, (1) J&J mailed the Certified Letter for the Expired Registration/Inspection Stickers for the property manager (2308.402 violation) and […]

Cantu Criminal Organization (CCO) Racketeering in Corpus Christi, Texas

Latest on the Cantu Criminal Organization (CCO) aka Lone Star Wrecker Service has the Cantu family of criminals doing what they are good at, robbing the citizens and tourists of Corpus Christi, Texas. These bottom feeders are so stupid when comes to hiding their tracks when they committed mail fraud and their inability to perform […]

TDLR Christmas Cheer: “Give Me Your Money Licensees”

The latest round of those administrative fines tow company and vehicle storage facility owners love to receive has more Southwest Tow Operator members. The public has taken such great respect for the File A Complaint motto of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, as they continue to deliver via email, online complaint form and […]

10K+ Vehicle Owners/Operators Due $$$ from UT-Austin

Late yesterday afternoon, we received an email from Jeffery L. Graves, Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs for The University of Texas at Austin. This email was a response to an email we sent Gregory Fenves, President of The University of Texas at Austin on September 15, 2015 reference criminal behavior by the University’s Parking […]

Everyone Towed by Creswell’s Wrecker Service Due Refunds

Creswell’s Wrecker Service in San Antonio seriously taking advantage of the public as their vehicle storage facility license has been expired since Nov 5, 2015 meaning every vehicle they towed from private property was illegally towed since all vehicles must be towed to a licensed vehicle storage facility per State Law. Company Information: Name: MCJAM, […]

More Issues With Illegal Tow Signs A Plus For Victim Recovery

This issue is not a loophole, rather a requirement of State Law, that a tow sign be red and white, period. Earlier this year, tow companies were put on notice reference the change in tow signs rendering all their “Towing Enforced At All Times” tow signs illegal. Some continued to tow vehicles knowing their tow […]

Denton’s New Towing Ordinance Conflicts With State Law & Unenforceable

Earlier this week, the Denton City Council voted to update their towing ordinance to address the continuing predatory tow practices. Although the new ordinance is better than what they had, parts of grants companies the right via city ordinance to violate State Law, but if the tow companies, tow tuck operator and vehicle storage facilities […]

The body of the darker storm flies, TDLR & Nick Massey

Nick Massey, a self proclaimed millionaire whose made his fortune through several businesses he owns, most notable, Excalibur Towing and soon to be Avalon Storage Services LLC, since TDLR has fought for three years to shutdown. For the latest on the ongoing battle to protect the public by TDLR of Nick Massey is as follows:

They Just Don’t Learn & TDLR Has No Problems Issuing Licensees Fines

Failure to secure other vehicle at VSF photo to take when retrieving your vehicle As consumer complaints continue to be filed statewide, TDLR investigators are being kept busy doing investigations. Not all complaints find violations, but the majority of them do. TDLR might not issue a dishonest tow company a fine or revoke their license, […]

Lone Star Wrecker Service of Corpus Christi Loses Tow Hearing

Eric Cantu (moron), the owner of Lone Star Wrecker Service (LSWS) of Corpus Christi got set in his place earlier today in JP Diaz’s Court during a tow hearing. The moron of LSWS told the Judge she was not doing as other JPs with regards to ruling in his favor regardless if the tow was […]

Tow Pirates of Lubbock Targeting Red Raiders & Violating State Law

Not only is Red Raider Wrecker Service scamming Texas Tech students, parents and just about anybody that drives a vehicle in Lubbock, but Lubbock Wrecker Services believes they have the right to knowingly violate the law, they will not prevail. The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations is investigating both companies for committing violations of […]

Texas State University Recklessly Violating Texas Towing & Boot Law

Texas State students are being victimized every time their vehicle is booted and towed from campus owned parking facilities. All vehicles towed from or booted on campus owned properties are done so without probable cause and expect no less than $75o each time towed or booted, without a doubt, Texas State believes they are exempt […]

Strike Team Operations in Austin Lead to $3000 TDLR

We are quite pleased with the men and women of Texas Towing Compliance who serve the citizens of Texas and the millions of visitors. Their ongoing efforts to address predatory towing, law enforcement and city government outreach with the assistance of recommended attorneys to collect damages for violations, are making a big difference. Everyday, somewhere […]

More Proof Corruption Exist Within APD WEU Even With New Leadership

The public continues to be victimized by predatory illegal towing, blessed by the Austin Police Department’s Wrecker Enforcement Unit due to the known fact they refuse to uphold State Law, on the books for 20 years. Pronto’s Wrecker Service has towed thousands of vehicles from the parking lot at 3203 Red River Street without probable […]

City of Austin Transportation Stops Booting Vehicles Due to Unlicensed Activity

The City of Austin’s Transportation has finally stopped violating State Law subject to arrest by allowing city employees who do not hold a current Boot Operator’s License issued by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations. to boot vehicles because of unpaid parking tickets. No municipal or county government, university, college or school district, property […]

Regina Ruiz Impersonates Being Police Sgt To Lure Teenage Girls

Not a day goes by in San Marcos without Regina Ruiz, the parking coordinator for the City of San Marcos sticking her foot in her mouth, as if she is somebody of importance.  Regina Ruiz attempted to intervene at a traffic accident in San Marcos while a tow truck operator under orders from the officer […]

Towing #1 TDLR Regulated Trade Occupation for Complaints & Fines

Of all of the occupations the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations regulates, the Towing & VSF programs leads the pack with the number of complaints filed by consumers, followed by the Cosmetologist. According to TDLR Intake and Enforcement, there is steady increase in complaints with 94 percent of the complaints submitting the necessary evidence […]

Park Right Solutions Driver Busted Trying to Collect Illegal $75 Drop Fee in Austin

Earlier this week, a tow truck driver who works for Saucedo’s Wrecker Service in San Marcos, Texas, driving his personal vehicle was shopping with his father at the Walmart located at Slaughter Lane and Interstate 35 in South Austin. The shopping center, Southpark Meadows is owned and managed by Endeavor Real Estate Group which Walmart […]

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