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Texas AG Finally Decides to Investigate Towing Companies

It’s long overdue that the Texas Attorney General is going to investigate what we have known for the past 15 years, corruption within the towing industry, taking advantage of consumers. AG Abbott, states: “We’re going to undertake an exhaustive investigation” Any type of investigation into the towing companies involved in private property non consensual towing […]

South Texas Under Attack by Criminal Illegal Towing Tactics

It makes no difference what part of Texas your in, your chances of becoming victimized due to criminal illegal towing are quite high. In Mcallen, Texas, a towing company owner, Robert Mora was arrested on a charge of assaulting a police officer and interfering with police business, after attempting to runover a McAllen PD Sgt. […]

Refunds Offered by Towing Company After APD Wrecker Enforcement Investigation

Well, the victims of towing scam in Austin, Texas on Thanksgiving Day by J&J Towing are being offered a refund by the towing company, only after the Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Unit detective completed his investigation. Sad thing about whole ordeal was that of all the victims towed from 2906 Medical Arts except one […]

State Agency Seeks Out Towing Victims

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the state agency, that regulates towing companies, vehicle storage facilities and employees of both, encourage anyone who has been towed from private property without their permission, to file a complaint with their agency. Illegal towing is happening all across the state of Texas, by unlicensed wrecker drivers, with […]

Plano Police Department Turns Blind Eye to Criminal Conduct of Wrecker Drivers

Once again, another Texas law enforcement agency is failing to own up to it’s responsibility to allow it’s citizens to file an offense report for an illegal tow and turn potential victims away with the common invalid excuse, “it’s a civil matter because it happened on private property”. Geez, banks are on private property that […]

Motorists Burned Daily by Wrecker Drivers in Austin, Texas

It’s shame that wrecker drivers are taking advantage of motorist daily in the Austin area by charging fees they are not allowed, just because a motorist is unaware of a local city ordinance. Time and time again and it makes no difference what race or language you speak, a dishonest wrecker driver, will demand payment […]

Georgetown Police Department Blalant Disregard of Texas Towing Law Stuns Victim

Warning to the public, if your vehicle is towed from private property in Georgetown, Texas, don’t expect the Georgetown Police Department to allow you to file criminal charges against the wrecker driver nor the parking facility owner/agent, even when a clear statutory violation has occurred. It is clearly evident that this Police Department needs additional […]

Thanksgiving Day Football Game Towing Scam in Austin, Texas Turns Criminal

Lord behold, the same exact parking/towing scam that happened at Texas/OU game happened again during the Texas/Texas A&M game Thanksgiving Day, here in Austin, Texas. I have been told by one of the many victims of incident that happened in Austin from the address of 2906 Medical Arts Parkway, that the property owner of parking […]

Vehicle Door Locks Not Working?

It is not uncommon for a wrecker driver to damage the door locks of a vehicle he/she is going to tow without the vehicle owner’s permission. When retrieving your vehicle from the storage facility, you always want to check every door that has key locks, to see rather or not they still lock or unlock […]

Tampering With Governmental Records

How many times have you called a wrecker service to come tow your disabled vehicle to the shop for repair? It’s not uncommon to have to call a tow truck and it’s not uncommon for repair shop to “pad” the towing receipt to benefit his business. Nothing surprises me anymore when I get calls from […]

Criminals Target Holiday Shoppers in Parking Lots

With people heading to the malls and stores for Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers should remember the following to stay safe: Dress in comfortable clothing with a number of pockets. Avoid flashy jewelry whether it is real or costume. Wear comfortable shoes in case you have to run from an assailant. Avoid purses […]

State Agency Issuing Occupation Licenses to Convicted Sex Offenders

When I first heard about this, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, issuing an Occupations License to Registered Sex Offenders, I will have to admit that I was shocked. What more could possibility happen to Texans and tourists, when having to call a wrecker to have their vehicle towed and end up in the […]

Georgetown Apartment Complex & Towing Company Violating Towing Law

Cypress Creek at River Bend Of all towns to engage in organized criminal activity, either these people, think they are above the law, or just plain stupid. On Thursday, I received a call from a Georgetown, Texas resident that his vehicle had been towed for being inoperable, but that could not be, he was driving […]

Tow Trucks – Dangerous Driving Can Kill

Last night in Austin, local police officers were chasing reckless driving and speeding tow trucks towing vehicles at extremely high speeds down Interstate 35. One specific company, Assured Towing, had a wrecker driver stopped after being clocked at 81 in 60 mph speed zone. I even spotted this idiot and several others while out for […]

Severe Illegal Towing Problems in Greater Fort Worth Dallas region

The hardworking citizens and many visitors to the Greater Fort Worth Dallas region are daily victimized at the hand of certain towing companies, vehicle storage facility and parking facilities without little or no resistance from law enforcement. Criminal illegal towing of vehicles, from mopeds to tractor trailers is so rampant, the public is being burned […]

Corruption: Tow Operators and Owners

Another Saturday has passed, but the calls keep coming as vehicle owners, are being taken advantage of across our great state of Texas. In Austin, if a wrecker driver, violates the “wrecker ordinance” that clearly states if the owner or operate catches them before becoming “fully ready to transport”, there can be no charge, and […]

Attempting to Protect Property Manager by Towing Company Criminal Activity

A large majority vehicle storage facilities across Texas are failing to provide the name, address and phone number to whom authorized the towing, of vehicle without the owner or operator consent. In a continued effort by towing companies to protect their property managers from lawsuits for noncompliance of State Law, motorist are getting wiser to […]

Misuse of Private Information by Convicted Felons

Several towing companies are obtaining your personal information from your vehicle registration information linked to the license plates on your vehicle thru their access contract with TxDMV. TxDMV allows Vehicle Storage Facilities thru a contract to obtain vehicle registration information for vehicles that are stored without the consent of the vehicle owner to verify ownership. […]

Credit Card Abuse – Wrecker Drivers and Dispatchers

Your traveling down the highway and your vehicle breaks down, leaving you stranded. Your first instinct, is to call a tow truck, or just luckily wave one down. Wow, how lucky could you get, a tow truck pulls up in front of my vehicle. The wrecker driver walks up to my window and asked if […]

Austin Area Wrecker Driver Arrested

Over the weekend, a wrecker driver working for J&J Towing, probably wished he didn’t come in contact with an Austin resident, that knew, that if he the caught the wrecker driver, still in the parking lot, there would be no charge. It turns out the vehicle owner was persistent in not paying, so the dumbass […]

Property Managers Often Accept Kickbacks

It is not uncommon for an apartment complex property manager, supervisor and/or owner, to ask for and receive financial incentives in return for a contract to tow vehicles. Some towing company owners goes an far as to advertise in online and print publications, encouraging a property manager, supervisors and owners to conspire to commit a […]

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