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SXSW Towing Scam in Austin, Texas

Last week was successful, as seven victims of criminal illegal towing, who’s “probable cause or statutory violations’ cases were heard before a Judge, all were victorious in their crusade to fight for their rights. In one case, which I call a “stunning defeat”, Mark Hull, General Counsel for Assured Towing Inc, Austin Towing Association and […]

Wheels of Justice Turning Slowly In Favor of Illegal Towing Victims

Today, Travis County Judge Charles Webb ruled that Assured Towing Inc is liable to another victim of criminal illegal towing and ordered them to pay $300.00. Assured Towing Inc was represented by Jorge Herrera, so their financial loss is greater than the $300, in legal fees. Mark Hall, Vice President and General Counsel for Assured […]

TDLR Licensed Wrecker Drivers Continue to Violate State Law

I am not surprised to see that certain wrecker drivers, who were tested and issued an wrecker operator license by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, are knowingly towing vehicles from private parking facilities or public roadways, in violation of State Law. The issue of illegal towing is rampant across our state, at a […]

Consumers Under Attack by Criminal Enterprises & Corupt Law Enforcement Agencies

Consumers, being the vehicle owner or operator, are being burned by select towing companies, wrecker drivers, vehicle storage facilities and parking facilities across the state at an alarming rate. Everyday, I hear from someone who’s vehicle was taken from a parking facility, which was not in compliance with the Texas Towing Law, and forced to […]

Corruption Continues in Private Property Towing

Some towing company owners, like DICK Milstead, still operate with the mindset of how things were done 25 years ago, continues today, even being criminal. Many people still can’t understand why the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department allows DICK Milstead’s company, Milstead Automotive Ltd to commit felony offenses against owners or operators of tractor trailer rigs […]

Towing & Vehicle Storage Companies Thrive on Motorists in Texas

The past week has been filled with criminal activity among towing companies, wrecker drivers, vehicle storage facility employees and parking facility owners or agents, that several state and federal agencies have opened investigations. Milstead Automotive Ltd was notified in writing by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations that both of his companies are under […]

TDLR Enforcement Investigators Making a Difference

I am very pleased with the progress by TDLR Enforcement Investigators, especially, in the Dallas Fort Worth regions after a recent conversation with Cory Trip. The Dallas-Fort Worth region has been a haven for towing companies, vehicle storage facilities and employees of both, engaging in organized criminal activity on a daily basis, while law enforcement […]

Milstead Found Guilty for Violating State Law

The verdict has been issued in illegal towing incident involving Milstead Automotive, Milstead Vehicle Storage and the Flying J Travel Center in Houston, Texas. A brave Montgomery County Justice of Peace ruled that the above parties did not have “probable cause” to tow John Eakins’ tractor trailer. This ruling proves that no matter one’s wealth […]

Conflict of Interest

After speaking with both law enforcement representatives that were appointed to the Texas Towing and Storage Advisory Board, that advises the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation, both agree that a conflict of interest exist between two other board members. A business or individual that holds a license through this agency is required to obey […]

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud – 500+ Victims

A longtime practice used by towing companies that tow vehicles from parking lots without the owner or operator’s consent, is place a “spotter” to sit within parking facility to determine which vehicles get towed. These “spotters” are employed by the towing company, not the parking facility.A “spotter account” is a towing contract between the towing […]

Successful Week – The Many Illegal Towing Victims Helped

Over the past couple of days, I testified, as an expert witness, in a Bexar County court for an illegal towing victim, the Justice of Peace ruled that his tractor trailer was towed illegally. I had the opportunity to talk with Flying J Corporate office in Utah, regarding the major fraud at one of their […]

Recently Posted Milstead Towing Signs at Flying J Truck Stop Still Violate State Law

I just can’t understand why towing companies, of all people, would allow their name and phone number to be on a statutory required towing sign, that fails to meet the minimum requirements of the Texas Towing Law, Occupation Code 2308.301. I personally have never met Amy Milstead-Ellzey, Vice President of Milstead Automotive Ltd, and the […]

Bexar County Judge Rules No Probable Cause Existed

Justice was delivered today from Bexar County JP 3 Jerry Baker, in a ruling that “probable cause did not exist” to have a tractor trailer towed. In my opinion, after this ruling, which the evidence clearly proves that Best Transport committed several felony criminal offenses regarding this towing incident and should be arrested. James Thompson […]

DIshonesty Within Towing Industry Hurts Everyone : Consumers , Trucking Industry

Most of the towing company owners I know are honest individuals, male or female, who built their respective businesses with integrity, although, none of them ever thought it was necessary to deceive a customer, regardless the situation, when it involved the towing fee(s). The incident in Bexar and Harris Counties where two different towing companies, […]

Texas Wrecker Operator License Issued Even With Criminally Negligent Homicide Charge

Nothing is surprising anymore with the issuing of Occupations Licenses by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. The most recent shocker by an Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Unit Detective, was an applicant for the City of Austin Wrecker Driver license. This individual was proud of his TDLR Occupation License he was granted, even […]

Exact Same Towing Scam With Milstead Happening In Bexar County With Best Transport

Criminal Illegal Towing activity flourishes through out our State, with latest incident very similar to what has happened with Milstead. Best Transport of Schertz, Texas also towed without any of the required red and white towing signs posted, a tractor trailer belonging to United Van Lines. Matter of fact, the red and white towing signs […]

Process Started To Remove Amy Milstead-Ellzey From TDLR Advisory Board

Amy Milstead-Ellzey, Vice President of Milstead Automotive Ltd, the towing company and vehicle storage facility that dealt a financial blow to the trucking industry, should be and will be removed from the Towing and Storage Advisory Board for the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. After speaking to several elected members of the Texas Legislature, […]

UPDATE: Harris County Towing Scam

As of today, Tuesday, 16 members of the Texas Senate, 3 members of the Texas House of Representatives and Lt Governor David Dewhurst are aware of the major towing scam involving the Vice Presiding Office of the Texas Towing and Storage Advisory Board’s towing company, Milstead Automotive. This incident to which involves 23 tractor trailers […]

Houston area Arrow Towing Victimize Houstonians in Illegal Tow Scam

Imagine getting ready to go to work, walk outside and find your vehicle missing, your first instinct is it’s been stolen, only to discover it was towed during the night. Even more, you later find out that your vehicle was illegally towed, because there are none of the required signage required by State Law. This […]

Major Towing Scam in Harris County Hurts Interstate Commerce & State Economy

Just learned from a victim of illegal towing in the Houston area, that a Montgomery County JP (where the storage facility is located) has ruled that probable cause did not exist to have his and 21 others, tractor trailers towed from the Flying J Truck Stop located at 15919 North Freeway, Houston TX 77090. (Now […]

How To Stop The Stealing of Vehicles from Private Property

Since the towing industry is preempted by Federal Law for having to comply with civil statutes of the state, the only recourse is to increase the penalty for violating any part of the Texas Towing Law. Currently, towing companies are taking advantage of consumers in parts of Texas, because law enforcement is not going to […]

Fort Worth Police Nab Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement Committing Felony Offense

The Fort Worth Police Department caught Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement “stashing” private property impounds, instead of towing the vehicles directly to the storage facility. This towing company based in Fort Worth, Texas has a history of providing financial benefits to parking facilities and hiring Registered Sex Offenders as wrecker drivers. click on to enlarge click on […]

Towing & Vehicle Storage Industry Rob Texas of Sales Tax Money

Year after year, towing companies and vehicle storage facilities pocket for personal use or fail to collect, sales tax money that educates on public school children, not to mention, rebated back to local governments. It’s bad enough when a delinquent taxpayer goes a year without making any payment to the State Comptroller, when audited to […]

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