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State of Texas Updates Texas Towing Law Online

The State of Texas has updated their server to include the newest version of the Texas Towing Law, Occupation Code Chapter 2308.251 – 2308.407. There is no reason why any law enforcement agency can give the excuse that it’s a civil matter when it states in black and white in Occupation Code 2308.405, it’s a […]

SXSW Towing Scams Expected in Austin

 #1 Tow Fee Scam in Austin, nothing should be charged here Every year in Austin, the South by Southwest Film & Music Festival bring thousands of people to our city. In addition to this event, the UIL Boys Basketball Finals are held which bring several more thousands of people with their vehicles to Austin. The […]

New Judges Bring Hope For Intergrity in the Tow Hearing Courts

With the recent primary election across the state, new Judges have been elected, some of which, we hope they weren’t bought off by special interest. We can only assume, these new and current Judges will familiarize themselves with the most recent changes to the Texas Towing Law, Occupation Code 2308.251 thru 2308.458. The State of […]

Bexar County JP Courts Disobey State Law

I was told today by a vehicle owner, who attempted to file a request for a probable cause tow hearing in Justice of the Peace Precinct 2. The Court clerk refused to accept the filing based on the Court’s lack of knowledge, that as of this past September 1, 2009, the jurisdiction to where the […]

Federal Law Enforcement Officer Victim of Illegal Towing in Beamount, Texas

  A federal law enforcement officer whom was granted permission to park his vehicle at an Exxon Service Station in Beaumont, Texas, was ripped off by a wrecker driver for Spanky’s Wrecker Service.  This victim called me through my website inquiring about what action he should take, cause everyone he talked to would’nt help him.This […]

San Antonio Towing Scam Leaves Consumers Steaming

Earlier today, I was interviewed by KENS TV regarding an incident where Assured Towing SA Inc towed numerous vehicles that were parked (shown above) on a public street (8000 Meadow Leaf Avenue) and right of way. State Law is clear regarding the towing of vehicles without the vehicle owner/operator consent from public roadway without authorization […]

Bureaucracy within TDLR means Motorists in Texas Screwed

The last straw has been pulled by a Texas state agency, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation, by forcing consumers, should they file complaint, wait for as long as year, before any action taken on their behalf. It is a terrible situation for motorists who are scammed by towing companies, wrecker drivers and vehicle […]

2010 – Corrupt Judges Violate Victim’s Civil Rights

Consumers in 2010 will have to deal with the same towing companies, vehicle storage facilities, parking facilities, and the corrupt Judges who issue rulings based on campaign contribution. I don’t see any relief for consumers who are taken advantage of by the bad towing companies, as the state agency (TDLR) that regulates them progresses so […]

Parking Facilities Accepting Bribes From Towing Companies

Many towing companies who specialize in private property impounds, violate State Law daily, by soliciting a parking facility owner or property manager, with the intent to provide a financial benefit, a criminal offense. Commercial bribery must be stopped, large corporations, on the take by their towing contractor is widespread.. We should expect no less in […]

The Old Days Before The Criminals Took Over Private Property Impounds

I remember close to 6 years ago, when the private property towing was lucrative, both for the companies and drivers. No driver that ever worked for a company that I was employed as a manager, accounts manager or compliance manager, could ever say they didn’t made good money. Yes, money was good, drivers hauling 10 […]

Don’t Wait, Stop the Criminal Illegal Towing

Since last Monday, there have been 404 visitors to my site, seeking out information about their vehicle being towed without their consent.Of those 404, 163 called, the majority of rest emailed or text-ed their concerns.The same issue, I saw no sign when I pulled in, but I did find the sign once I started searching […]

Making a Difference, Seek Out Justice

I have noticed a big change among wrecker drivers operating in the areas around Hays, Travis and Williamson counties. With the hardworking Detectives with the Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Unit, writing wrecker drivers high dollar tickets for their stupidity and collecting fees not allowed. I expect certain wrecker driver to continue their crusade to […]

Criminal Illegal Towing Takes On New Meaning in Texas

It’s official, wrecker drivers and property managers are now subject to immediate arrest for taking your vehicle without permission from private or public parking facilities not in compliance with the Texas Towing Law, Occupation Code 2308. This criminal penalty enhancement (Class B Misdemeanor) is much welcomed by law enforcement agencies across the state, in hopes […]

Governor Signs HB2571 Into Law

Come this September 1st, vehicle owners and operators will have greater abilities to recover increased financial damages because of illegal towing by towing companies and parking facilities. In addition to these new changes in the Texas Towing Law, law enforcement agencies will be able to file a Class B Misdemeanor against wrecker drivers who repeatedly […]

Breaking News: Senate Passes HB2571, Goes To Governor

I am so pleased that the Texas Legislature has answered the thousands of victims who’s vehicles were illegal towed all over our State by passing HB2571. Those wrecker drivers who over and over again take advantage of motorists will be subject to immediate arrest for their criminal acts. Their tow truck will be impounded and […]

Two More Wrecker Drivers Arrested

Two local towing companies had to retrieve their tow trucks from the city impound, after their drivers were arrested for outstanding warrants. One wrecker driver had 1 traffic and 4 city ordinance violation warrants, while the other had two felony theft (illegal tow) warrants and 5 traffic warrants. Wrecker drivers towing vehicles from private parking […]

Towing Company Owner Arrested This Morning

Donald Creamer, President of Central Towing Inc of Austin, Texas was arrested this morning at 9:00am by Austin Police Officers at Mopac and William Cannon. Creamer is currently sitting in the Travis County Jail with a $10,000.00 bond. Now is the time, for any victim burned by this towing company, to contact the Austin Police […]

Felony Arrest Warrant Issued for Central Towing Inc President/Owner

The towing scam that happened over a three day period at a Whataburger located in Austin, Texas during the South by Southwest Music Festival that involved Central Towing Inc, TDLR License No. 05672220C, has resulted in a felony arrest warrant being issued today for its company President, Donald Creamer. (D1DC-09301068) The President of the Austin […]

Changes Coming Soon To Address Corrupt Towing Companies & Wrecker Drivers

This week has been somewhat productive; the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 2571 in a record vote 147 to 0. In case some of you are not aware of what HB 2571 is, its legislation aimed at addressing predatory towing practices by wrecker drivers, parking facility owners or managers and towing companies who prey […]

Towing Legislation Soon to Become Law

I recall back mid January when our legislators were getting ready for the session, the best time I have always found, to visit with certain members to sponsor legislation aimed at protecting consumers, being vehicles or operators.Before the session began, many legislators’ constituents were being financially victimized by towing companies and vehicle storage facilities in […]

Central Towing Inc Wrecker Driver Pleads Guilty

In the latest illegal towing incident involving Central Towing Inc, their driver Jose T Flores, TDLR license number 8465 plead guilty this morning in Austin Municipal Court for towing vehicles illegally without the consent of owner or operator from the parking lot of 900 West 23rd Street. This continuing criminal conduct by Central Towing Inc […]

The SXSW Towing Scandal Deepens

SXSW – Whataburger Towing Scandal I would say that for the most part, that Donald and Catherine Creamer, owners of Central Towing Inc of Austin, committed larceny on a grand style. I have known these two individuals since the late 80’s and for them either them to say they were unaware the Whataburger parking lot […]

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