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This Could Happen in Your City

Assured Towing given reduced fine of $5500 for overcharging vehicle owners in parking lots in San Antonio metro area. The system is totally broke when TDLR Commissioners approve to reduce the fine of $11,000 to $5500, while vehicle owners, the victims got zero, even after filing the complaint. The San Antonio Police Chief’s desire to […]

Changing Course

Beginning today, Texas Towing Compliance will focus on assisting select towing companies and parking facility owners stay afoul of violating the many numerous regulations. Motorists are basically screwed, the chances of getting your money back without the assistance of an attorney are slim. San Antonio will soon see some relief from the lawlessness of towing […]

TDLR Once Again Allows Licensee To Violate Law

These days, it’s becoming commonplace that licensees of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation can  violate their rules, regulations and state law, with little or no resistance. The most interesting complaint filed against Quantum Unlimited, a towing company. I filed a complaint against this company, for no valid license, no cab card, no insurance, […]

Motorists/Business/Law Enforcement Under Assault by Texas Legislature

It’s imperative everyone contact your representative in the Texas Legislature and demand them to vote against HB3510 and SB1371, as these proposed bill allows corruption, the current law prohibits. Once again, although, it’s on the minds of many, which legislators are leaning toward being corrupt, being financially influenced by any lobbyist group. (Texas Towing & […]

Another Unlicensed Tow Truck Operating in Austin

February 1, 2011 Yesterday, was not surprising to observe another unlicensed tow truck towing a vehicle in Austin, that I reported back in July 2010 to TDLR. At the time of the original TDLR complaint, the complaint was rejected because the photographs of the truck was not proof enough, therefore complaint was rejected. July 5, […]

Complete Lawlessness

Certain towing companies in the Austin, DFW, San Antonio, and Houston are causing great financial harm to citizens. Outright stealing and our Courts are to heavily influence by campaign donations or law enforcement agencies saw their wrecker enforcement unit dissolved. Take in San Antonio, as of today, it’s complete lawlessness for wrecker drivers, drivers have […]

Consumers feel betrayed as state agency allows their licensees to rape them financially.

Email from consumer/victim: I am needing help please…From: Billy Webb …Add to ContactsTo: pat@texastowingcompliance.com Hello, I have been bullied by this towing company called Ideal Towing. They tried to tow my vehicle on July 12, 2010. The driver improperly towed it out of the Handicap Parking. The maintenance man from the apartment saw the company […]

TDLR Caters to Criminal Conduct with Reduced Fines for Licensees

Once again, TDLR caters to a corrupt towing and vehicle storage company by letting them off with a reduced fine of $15,000 instead original $63,000. Consumers and businesses alike continue to take a beating everyday by TDLR licensees who pride themselves on violating the law, knowing TDLR will most likely let them off with a […]

Don Creamer Found Guilty of Illegal Towing

This morning, a sitting judge, (not elected by voters) found Don Lee Creamer, Owner of Central Towing of Austin, guilty in reference to the towing scam during the 2009 SXSW Music Festival. Creamer has been ordered to pay the victim, $500 in restitution and on November 18, 2010, Creamer will be sentenced. This conviction based […]

Something Must Change Soon

Good morning, it’s a nice day here in Austin, Texas, not a cloud in the sky, but a dark cloud remains over TDLR, the Texas Towing Law, law enforcement who ignore their responsibilities and judges who base their finding not what the law says, rather campaign donations. Consumers are taking a hard financial hit, as […]

Child Rapist License Approved by TDLR Commissioners Today

Convicted child rapist Derrick McCray was approved today in a 3 to 2 vote (Moses, Denton, Morgan) for an occupation licenses, a move sure to add to the jitters of the public when calling a business licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for service. TDLR staff were not amused as once again, […]

Central Towing Owner, Don Lee Creamer Appears in District Court

This morning, the witnesses and towing victims of the 2009 South by Southwest Music Festival, all showed up to Travis County Courthouse, the trial of Don Creamer, charged in the felony theft surrounding the numerous vehicles stolen from the Whataburger parking lot. Creamer’s attorney was working the prosecutor, Jacqueline Wood, for deferred adjudication sentence, but […]

Largest Towing Scam in the History of Texas Towing Law

One of the largest towing scams in the history of private property impounds, has occurred in Austin, Texas, by Assured Towing Inc, the very towing company, whom has caused havoc, since their inception in 2001. (JC-0554) Based on data obtained thru the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) Assured’s unlicensed vehicle storage facility located […]

Companies Operating with Expired Licenses

Once again, I have discovered an Austin based company operating with an expired license, with zero oversight by TDLR. It’s bad enough that any company operates and stiffs consumers for fees they know should not be charged because they do hold a valid license. The motoring public and law enforcement have to ban together to […]

Important Information Regarding Texas PPI Tow Fees – effective 9/1/10

It’s official, TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations) has posted online, the maximum allowed tow fee charged a consumer and important information regarding the drop fee. http://www.license.state.tx.us/towing/towingfaq.htm#ppmaximum With this information, it’s asked that law enforcement agencies educate your folks that deal with these issues on a daily basis, being patrol officers/deputies. To better understand […]

TDLR Commissioners Set Private Property Impound Fee Caps

Earlier, I attended the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Commissioners Meeting in Austin, Texas. At this meeting, after numerous comments from towing company owners, Southwest Tow Operators, Texas Towing & Storage Association and myself for consumers, the Commissioners voted on fee caps, mandated by State Law. Effective September 1, 2010, the maximum towing fee […]


Let there be no doubt when I say I am not employed by any towing company, vehicle storage facility or any parking facility owner. I AM RETIRED DISABLED, I cannot work due to the medications I must take to stay alive, living with the AIDS virus. I find writing about issues I know about based […]

TDLR Fines Lake Dallas based Towing Company $47,200

I would like to share with readers an online communication with towing victim who contacted me through Texas Towing Compliance in 2008, to inquire about illegal towing. al_davis_123 (7/26/2010 11:06:20 PM): hellotexastowingcompliance (7/26/2010 11:06:44 PM): your purpose?al_davis_123 (7/26/2010 11:07:44 PM): I was wondering what the largest proposed fine for towing violations is by TDLRtexastowingcompliance (7/26/2010 […]

Clarification to Booting Language

Due to concerns expressed by numerous parties, I have been told by Sen Whitmire’s office in the next session of the Legislature,  a cleanup bill will be filed to cleanup the current language regarding the booting language having to be on the same sign for towing. I have disagreed the moment I read what was […]

Expired Inspection & Registration Scams by Towing Companies

During the last session of the Legislature, one of the key changes I sought, was to increase the criminal penalty for violating any part of the Texas Towing Law. The reason for this change, which failed in a previous session, was to have a deterrent to encourage towing company owners to stop providing financial incentives […]

The Pope and a slippery slope

   Some within TDLR are suggesting that that agency might not require compliance with the statutorily required text mentioned in 2308.301 b) 5) of the Texas Occupations Code as far as the words “or Booted” are concerned.   Is TDLR so removed from the reality of us taxpayers that it fails to realize that towing companies often engage in booting, too?    At any rate, how would TDLR’s reluctance […]

Unlicensed Tow Trucks Still A Problem

  Over the weekend, I came upon a Dodge Dually with a wheel lift hanging under the frame. The license plate on the truck was not the required Tow Truck. When the light changed, I drove by slowly and didn’t see any marking that would told the company, nor did this truck have the required […]

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