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DFW area Plagued by EXCALIBUR TOWING Scams

Email regarding Excalibur Towing via Texas Towing Compliance: Hi, My name is Chris. I’ve been reading your blog and had a concern that maybe you could direct me what to do. My mother’s car was in an apartment complex in the correct parking spot. The car got a sticker because someone had broken into the […]

TDLR Commissioners Meeting Public Comment

Texas Towing Compliance Executive Director Pat Johnson addresses the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Commissioners Meeting this morning. Topic of interests: companies allowed to operate even without paying fines, vehicle damage complaints, convicted felons, and continued dishonesty among towing companies. Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit […]

A&A Wrecker Busted for Illegal Drop Fee Scam

According to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, A & A WRECKER & RECOVERY LLC was busted recently because their driver refused to release a vehicle when the vehicle owner caught them in the process of loading the vehicle. The State, TDLR is asking for a fine of $6000.00. This is not the first […]


texastowingcompliance.com This company claims being in business for 25 years gives them the right to tow vehicles for expired inspection/registration  without the 10 day certified mail notice. They are in for a serious fine from TDLR for continuing this serious violation. This company has already been fined $10K by TDLR by violating the rules and […]

Desoto, Texas Latest Towing Scam Community

As I said before, predatory towing companies will operate in jurisdictions where law enforcement looks the other way, or is just uninformed of their responsibilities.Yesterday, I received a call via the towing hotline, 512-680-3190, from a female motorist in Desoto, Texas whom followed the suggestions regarding illegal towing. A police officer with Desoto Police Department […]

TDLR Fine Matrix Sends Strong Message to Towing Industry

After attending the TS&BAB meeting earlier this week, I must say TDLR shoved it into their faces, the fines they face for violating the rules and State Law.  This fine matrix should be incorporated by municipal courts and Justices of the Peace fine schedules. TDLR is meeting with law enforcement agencies across the State of […]

Reasonable Effort – Author version

Thefts and violations within vehicle storage facilities licensed by TDLR are attributed to employees licensed by them. Convicted felon towing companies continue to target the motoring public, bringing gangs of burglars scouring your parking lots.. The issue of “reasonable effort” consist of preserving the vehicle in the state of receipt at the VSF until released […]

HB3510 Author, Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton Removed from Office by Voters!

Mike Hamilton’s comments during the last session of the Texas Legislature regarding his acceptance of financial kickback in consideration of business contracts doomed any chance of returning to Austin. It’s a great day for Texas to observe defeated State Rep Mike Hamilton, as he can return to his kitchen duties. This election proves voters in […]

TDLR Commissioners Meeting Public Comment – May 29, 2012

As a former tow company manager, I respect that TDLR wants to work with honest and law-abiding towing companies and storage facilities for society’s benefit.  But I submit that a recent regulatory interpretation by TDLR punishes even the honest and law-abiding towing and storage companies.Storage facilities are supposed to accept people’s credit cards.  That’s fair.  […]

TDLR Clarifies Regulations with Towing Companies in Austin, Texas

In a meeting this morning, that featured Robin Motem, TDLR, Robert Loosier, APD, Ric Paterno TCSO and all but two towing company owners discussed 7 items. Benefiting motorists who’s vehicle has been placed into storage; the vehicle storage facility is required to accept credit cards regardless who’s name is on it; the storage facility cannot […]

San Antonio City Council Answers Cries From Public with New Booting Ordinance

With booting company representatives present, all wetting their beeks on the booting fee about to be imposed them, members of city council sent a strong message. https://webapps1.sanantonio.gov/rfcadocs/R_9137_20120511022108.pdf The passage of this ordinance will soon be followed by a revised towing ordinance that will once and for all stop this continued abuse of motorists in San […]

TDLR Should License All Tow Company Employees

Since the Legislature gave the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations (TDLR) rule making authority, it would be wise to require all employees of towing company be licensed. This new requirement is already in effect for vehicle storage facilities and auto recyclers, it’s time employees of towing companies be licensed, to deter theft and dishonesty. […]

Kickback to Property Managers Increasing

Parking facility operators, rather they be an apartment manager, parking lot manager or a paid parking facilitator, all are visited daily by sales staff of a local towing company, seeking their business. It’s not uncommon for a towing company owner to make the decision he/she is going to give a property manager something in return […]

City of San Marcos to Revise Towing Ordinance to Eliminate Illegal Showup Fee

Good news to pocketbooks of motorists whom park within private parking lots anywhere in San Marcos. This morning, I was told by Chief Howard Williams, the San Marcos Police Department’s current wrecker ordinance allows a wrecker driver to charge a $40 show up fee, even when the vehicle is not fully prepared to transport. This […]

TDLR Allows penalized companies to operate without paying fine

Sadly, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Lt Governor David Dewhurst are to blame for widespread criminal activity motorists/businesses experience daily at the hands of their appointees at TDLR. If TDLR commissioners won’t revoke licenses of companies that won’t pay their fines (which I presume applies to Merlin Transport / Excalibur Towing because there’s no evidence […]

Several Austin area towing companies scam hundreds of motorists

Several Austin based towing company owners and their drivers intentionally scammed hundreds of motorists over the years, especially on weekend nights who parked on East 5th Street, east of Interstate 35. Nobody in their right mind would think their vehicle would be towed for parking on the side of a street street, but as history […]

Towing Industry Needs Fuel Surcharge

With diesel fuel over $4 a gallon, the cost to operate a legitimate towing company is becoming difficult. Most motorist haven’t an idea the cost of owning a tow truck, much less an adult daycare for convicted felons. Companies being lured under deceptive circumstances, all cost of owning a towing company. Granted, tow trucks last […]

Corruption within TDLR, Feds Ask to Investigate

Governor Perry should take a serious look at replacing Frank Denton, chairman of the Department of Licensing & Regulations. Perry must think he can continue have zero respect to citizens while in office. Just wait until the day arrives that will change his life forever like former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich experienced. Perry really needs […]

TTC Founder Calls for Ouster of TDLR Chairman & Exe Director

Pat Johnson, Founder, Texas Towing Compliance chastised Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners at the monthly meeting earlier this week, calling for heads roll with resignation of Fred Moses, Frank Denton, Lilian Norman-Keeney and Executive Director, gross misconduct. I intend to make the Towing advisory board meeting on March 20th, the first one I […]

Towing Victim Wins Case Against El Paso based Extreme Towing

Learned that member of military, won tow hearing for illegal towing and damages. Why Frank Denton and Moses want to cater to the towing industry with reduced fines for ripping motorists off. I commend TDLR staff for their hard work, but to be embarrassed at the monthly meeting with compromising with licensees, instead of staff’s […]

Plano based Signature Towing, Inc Fined Over Expired Sticker Scam – Hundreds Due Damages

Why towing company owners think they can burn vehicle owners over the expired inspection or registration sticker, is a sign of their desperation. The state law hasn’t changed since it’s creation that regulates this issue. ( Occupations Code 2308.253 (d)(1)(2) ). I am pleased the Administrative Judges whom hear cases brought by TDLR against towing […]

El Paso Consumers Get Burned by Unlicensed VSF Employees

From a recent towing victim email; Dear Pat, It was a pleasure speaking to you this past Saturday. Thank you for taking my call. As I mentioned, I paid at a parking lot, but I was towed anyway. It was late at night. The company is Extreme Towing. They charged me $145.00 to get my […]

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