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Good News from Midland, Texas Towing Scam

The Las Colinas property manager thought they was above the law by allowing an Odessa based towing company to tow resident’s vehicles in the early morning hours for expired inspection/registration stickers without providing the required 10 day notice.  The Midland Police Department, after doing some research determined the property manager not once, but many times […]

Motorist Threatened With Arrest for filing police report for illegal tow

A distraught motorist in Grapevine, Texas was threatened with arrest for filing a false police report when no towing signs were present at the time of removal.  Even the arriving officer noted the only signs posted where road construction signs, but insisted there was nothing he could do, being on private property. The motorist requested […]

TDLR Complaints Against Bexar Towing Move Forward to Prosecute Repeat Violators

Towing company owners and tow truck drivers whom repeatedly harmed motorists over the years in Texas parking lots, are now being prosecuted by TDLR.  Bexar Towing of San Antonio, Texas goes to court in Austin, Texas on June 18th, 19th and 20th, 2013 at 9:00am each morning, for overcharging vehicle owners $165 above a regulated […]

UT-Austin Towing Contractor Found Guilty of Towing Without Authority To Do So

Seldom do people think about towing until it happens to them….The University of Texas at Austin’s towing contractor, Park Right Solutions LLC was found guilty of illegal towing by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation recently.  Park Right Solutions was fined $1000. The towing of vehicles within the University of Texas parking lots are […]

#1 Consumer Complaint: Vehicle Damage

At a time when wrecker drivers are being trained on the proper techniques of towing vehicles, complaints regarding damage is on the increase from consumers. The towing industry repeatedly advertises “damage free towing” and automatically denies their wrecker driver could have damaged a vehicle. Yes towing equipment has been modernized to tow a vehicle without […]

Predatory J&J Towing Targets Low Income Apartments in Austin

Predatory, a term being used more often, to describe tow truck drivers and parking facility operators wreak havoc on their communities. This past weekend, I received four call from individuals concerned they are and were being targeted by predatory towing companies based on their race and nationally.  This mindset of many towing company owners TODAY […]

TAA Property Managers Routinely Hire Tow Companies with Convicted Felon wrecker drivers

Property managers of apartment complexes routinely use a towing company that employs convicted felons, been fined thousands of dollars by TDLR for violating the law and in most cases deal with ongoing complaints from their residents. While a property manager may refuse a prospective resident due to their criminal history, they welcome felons to cruise […]

The 2013 San Antonio Towing Ordinance

For the public’s right to view the San Antonio Towing Ordinance that is currently in effect, go this site, http://www.sanantonio.gov/Portals/0/Files/SAPD/Ordinance-2013-01-31-0075.pdf The motoring public is urged to file criminal charges (by calling 210-207-2348) against the towing company and parking facility if after an investigation by the San Antonio Police Department determines any laws have been violated. […]

Vehicle Door Locks Not Working after Being Towed?

It is not uncommon for a wrecker driver to damage the door locks of a vehicle he/she is going to tow without the vehicle owner’s permission.  When retrieving your vehicle from the storage facility, you always want to check every door that has key locks, to see rather or not they still lock or unlock […]

Don’t Become Another Towing Scam Victim

tinyurl.com/c2ay9u7 I stand by this radio interview taped back in September 2012, as proof of today’s events with the towing lobby hard at work corrupting members of the Texas Legislature, to rob motorists of parking protections. The motoring public is encouraged to write and email your Texas Senator(s) and House Representatives ASKING THEM not to […]

Expired Sticker Scam DFW Area Targets Poor

Drivers in the North Texas area are being targeted for expired inspection and/or registration stickers in parking lots of residential communities by predatory tow truck operators.  Tow Companies owners know how long the process can be dragged out with their attorneys and wear vehicle owners down, it’s just a big game to defraud the public.. […]

TTC Founder Blast TDLR Commissioners for 2012 Failures

The video speaks for itself, consumers and towing companies who do not commit violations are mad as hell their competitors are rarely required to obey State Law. http://tinyurl.com/be9l7kb Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com

Bexar Towing Agrees to $10k in Refunds

San Antonio based Bexar Towing has agreed to refund vehicle owners for overcharging and illegal tows based on a news story published this morning. Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com

A&A Wrecker Parking Fee Scam Exposed

Austin, Texas based A&A Wrecker’s criminal behavior exposed in an unauthorized parking fee scam targeting motorists towed from LAZ parking lots.Recent email from another A&A Wrecker victim:“I just had my scooter towed today from the LAZ parking lot at 216 Congress. I parked it on the edge of the lot near the sidewalk not taking […]

New Braunfels Council Approves Sole Source Towing Company

Despite protests and warnings from towing company owners, New Braunfels City Council on Monday approved a new way for the city police department to procure towing services for the 1,600 tows it orders every year. Police Chief Tom Wibert said the current system, in which 17 different towing companies are each used for three weeks […]

A&A Wrecker & Recovery Busted for 2nd Time by TDLR

Once again, Austin based A&A Wrecker & Recovery has been busted after a joint investigation by law enforcement and TDLR. This latest towing scam has wrecker drivers for this company towing vehicles prior to the authorized times to tow from the 1200 block of East 5th Street. The motoring public is once again reminded to […]

Pat Johnson as Guest Speaker 9-16-2012 on Towing Abuse

Recently, I was a featured speaker on the “Live and Let Live Radio Show” aired on the Logos Radio Network, below is the link to the audio file, enjoy. http://texastowingcompliance.com/files/LLL_2012-09-16_64k.mp3 Predatory Towing scams happen daily in Texas, only you can do something about it..visit www.texastowingcompliance.com

Door Locks Not Working After Towing Incident?

It is not uncommon for a wrecker driver to damage the door locks of a vehicle he/she is going to tow without the vehicle owner’s permission. When retrieving your vehicle from the storage facility, you always want to check every door that has key locks, to see rather or not they still lock or unlock […]

TAMU Towing Scam Exposed – Motorists Get Screwed

A long running policy of Texas A&M University at College Station to charge the vehicle owner, a $75 towing service fee, is staggering and illegal that carries a criminal penalty.  Vehicle owners whom are towed have rights, the tow truck driver must offer a drop fee, prior to leaving. In one incident, a tow truck […]

$85 Tow Fee in San Antonio Reinstated

On Wednesday, a San Antonio Judge sided with City of San Antonio regarding the tow fee for private property impounds, being $85 instead the $250, the maximum fee set by the State.  For motorists charged the $250 tow fee, you are encouraged to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to […]

Austin Towing Company Scams Motorists at 900 E Braker Lane

Austin based Albert’s/Prontos Towing has been towing vehicles from within a shopping center without authorization from the parking facility owner.  The towing company that holds a valid contract is fuming, that their competitors thinks they can sign a contract with a tenant, post their signs, use a spotter, then tow vehicles belonging to patrons of […]

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