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TDLR Says Bexar Towing Owes $98,090 for Overcharging Scandal

Bexar Towing of San Antonio news story. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, submits this brief as requested by the Court at the close of the hearing in chief and would respectfully show the Court as follows: A. CALCULATION OF PENALTIES AND REFUNDS FOR OVERCHARGES l. During the hearing a limited stipulation was offered […]

Atlas Towing Busted by SAPD for Towing Vehicles In Violation of State Law

Three different vehicle owners, all towed by Atlas Towing of San Antonio, from three different parking lots learned they were illegally towed, according to victims after an investigation by the San Antonio Police Department Vehicle Crimes Unit. The towing signs provided by Atlas Towing to the parking facility is the wrong layout and lacks the […]

City of San Antonio Post Illegal Towing Signs Twice and They Are Still Wrong

The City of San Antonio has once again created illegal towing signs and posted them at city owned parking lots.  What the purpose is to twice make illegal towing signs at the taxpayer’s expense is a question COSA City Manager Sheryl Sculley needs to ask of her staff. This towing sign for the Texas Lottery […]

Good News from Justice Court for Illegal Tow Victims

Five vehicle owners have scored a big win across the state in Justice Court by going after the parking facility instead of the towing company for violations of the Texas Towing Law. In Collins County, a local JP ruled in favor for a disabled resident towed for taking of two parking spaces, because the towing […]

Tow Victim Awarded $14,500 in Justice Court

A Colorado based trucking company this morning, was awarded $14,345.70 in a Justice Court suit filed against a shopping center owner and it’s property management company in Abilene. Summary: Operator of tractor and refrigerated trailer was towed from a shopping center parking lot abutting a hotel parking lot.  There were some signs posted, but none […]

TDLR Plays Favorites and Burns Others

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything about towing, doesn’t mean I have lost that burning desire to understand why TDLR issues fines and reduced fine to some and not all licensees. I didn’t attended the October Commissioners Meeting as I was not feeling well that morning, seems my health has dropped off considerably. Below […]

Massive Towing Extortion Fraud on Galveston Island – $1000 in your pocket

Outright thievery is occurring on Galveston Island by Ace of Galveston Wrecker Service and the Seawall Food Store by towing vehicles without the vehicle owner’s consent without providing required notice.    The only two towing signs, both illegal because they fail to state who may park and prohibit all others, are posted more than 100′ […]

Impound Stashing – Illegal Practice by Predatory Towing Companies

I have been receiving calls reference tow trucks unloading vehicles towed from private parking lots without the consent of the vehicle’s owner at parking lots, not considered a licensed vehicle storage facility.  This practice is called “stashing impounds” and is highly illegal. According to the Texas Towing Law, Occupations Code 2308.205: (a) A towing company […]

Reliant Towing of Austin Found Guilty of Illegal Towing

Reliant Towing of Austin, Texas was found guilty recently for illegally towing vehicles from City of Austin right of way, claiming vehicles were blocking the gate, when their own photos said differently.  Anyone towed by Reliant Towing should take them to Court, as this company’s owner used to work for Assured Towing of Austin, another […]

Towing Scam near Austin Convention Center Leaves Motorists Fuming

In Austin, Texas on East 3rd Street directly in front of Crossfit Central are parking areas for the public to pay the City of Austin Parking Pay Station and park. Some unlucky drivers returned from the Austin Convention Center or a night out on the town to discover their vehicles had been towed.  Some I […]

Fake Fire Lane markings Scam by Towing Companies in Texas

Every day, someone is towed with the reason being, “you were parked in the Fire Lane” and we have photograph to prove it”.    But there is a problem, the required text is missing as required by State Law which states: all curbs of fire lanes must be painted red and be conspicuously and legibly […]

Unlicensed Bandit Tow Trucks – Report Them to 911

The public is urged to report unlicensed tow trucks that cause undue financial harm, by charging outrageous fees and stealing credit card numbers during the payment process. All tow trucks will have a license plate that says “Tow Truck”, something this bandit tow truck fails to display. Should you observe a truck with this type […]

Latest Changes to Tow Hearings Beneficial to Illegal Tow Victims

Instead of having the tow hearing at Justice of Peace with a history of issuing favorable judgement for towing companies, the Texas Legislature changed the law. Effective immediately, vehicle owners and operators can now file the request for the tow hearing at any Justice of Peace “within” the County the vehicle was towed. A list […]

Notice to Law Enforcement – Criminal Predatory Towing Alert

Texas area law enforcement agencies need to increase enforcement of State towing laws to protect your communities from predatory towing companies operating in your jurisdictions now.  Cities Chiefs are encouraged to push for passage of their own towing regulations or use one identical to San Antonio. tinyurl.com/az7sma4To allow tow truck operators, many of which are […]

Park Right Solutions Busted by TDLR – Fined $1000

Park Right Solutions Investigation Honest mistake, I doubt it considering Jess Horton’s past involvement in shady business practices. Based on the investigative reports and emails from the victim, this company continued to tow vehicles without a valid contract to tow and deserve a higher fine. Form your own opinion after reading the report. This company’s […]

Galveston Towing Scams Burn Motorists Daily While Galveston Police Do Nothing!!

Galveston Island is awash in towing scams that will make some visitors think twice before returning since 95% of the private parking lots lack the required red and white towing signage with “all” the required information.  This company’s tow truck was observed cruising the Kroger’s parking lot, which has their illegal towing signs posted as […]

Unacceptable Vehicle Storage Facilities Conduct

When a consumer arrives at a vehicle storage facility to retrieve their vehicle, for the most part, this experience can be very unpleasant. Everyone who calls my hotline seeking help, gets the same information; demand the person about to accept your money, show you their TDLR Vehicle Storage Facility employee card, close enough, you can […]

A&A Wrecker & Recovery of Austin Fined $2000 for SXSW 2012 Towing Scam

Just moments ago, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations Commissioners voted to fine A&A Wrecker & Recovery of Austin, Texas $2000.00 for illegal towing during the SXSW 2012 Music Festival in 1200 Block of East 5th Street. Makes one wonder why any parking facility owner, such as the Benton Family that owns 20 Austin-area […]

Use Caution When Paying a Wrecker Driver with a Credit Card

When I first heard about this, I was like “wow”. But it is true, what I have been saying for more than 10 years, that some wrecker drivers, dispatchers and vehicle storage facility employees are stealing credit card numbers from motorist that need their vehicle towed or to pay the charges owed if placed into […]

Illegal Towing Victims Win With Passage of HB338

The Texas Senate passed HB338 earlier which is headed to Gov Perry to be signed into law.  This bill allows motorists to have their tow hearing in any justice court within the County the vehicle was towed from. Instead of returning to a money making justice court machine with a record of favorable rulings on […]

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