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Border Patrol agent confronts wrecker driver at gunpoint

Via email, a wrecker driver was caught by an armed Border Patrol agent, while attempting to enter his govt issued unmarked truck at his apartment complex where he lives this past Saturday night.  According to Agent Morales, the driver’s passenger began talking shit, threatening to kick his ass. Them Morales identitys himself as a BP […]


Nicholas J Massey, the owner of Tarrant County Abandoned Vehicle Removal in Fort Worth, Texas was fined $1,125 by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for failing to cooperate with an inspector in the performance of the inspection. From the TDLR Agreed Orders Database for all of their occupation programs they regulate: MASSEY, NICHOLAS […]

Two San Antonio area Towing Companies Want to Give You $1600 for Christmas Shopping

Two towing companies in San Antonio, Bexar Towing and Atlas Towing are eager to give vehicle owners or their operator, $1600 each time they park and pay. San Antonio’s most hated company Bexar Towing has began posting illegal towing signs in an effort to scam motorists.  The parking lots with these illegal signs are throughout […]

Austin Tow Company Owners Are Frustrated With Zero Enforcement of Towing Laws by APD

Exerts from an email to APD Detective Loosier with the Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Unit sent October 22, 2013: Yesterday during our brief telephone conversation, you stated that “you” could not prove the parking facility accepted something of value from the towing company.  I find that hard to believe, since we, our attorneys and […]

Tribble & Son Wrecker Service Admission of Guilt Document Released

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations has released the Agreed Order documents that contain the investigation of Anthony Tribble, owner of Tribble & Son Wrecker Service. Tribble’s signature to the agreed order is an admission of guilt.  Read the entire report so you can make your decision about calling this company for any towing […]

TDLR places Enforcement Hold on Tribble & Son Wrecker Service’ License

On October 15, 2013, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations placed an Enforcement Hold on Tribble and Son Wrecker Service’s operating license. Under no circumstances should you use this company for any towing related service and if your vehicle is towed from private property without your consent, you will be entitled to $1800.00. Company […]

Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service Fined $15,750 by State of Texas for Dishonesty

The agreed order signed by Anthony Tribble acknowledging his dishonesty. A towing service located in College Station, Texas was subject of an investigation by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and the College Station Police Department.  The owner of this towing service, Anthony Tribble created two towing companies in addition to the primary company, […]

Filing Complaints with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations

When motorists find their vehicle missing from where they parked it, they assume it was stolen, only to be informed it was towed away. The key in a filing complaint against towing companies and vehicle storage facilities, is to file a separate complaint against the: tow truck operator, the towing company, the vehicle storage facility […]


This company is very dishonest, it’s storage lot employees become hostile when asked to display their state issued VSF employee license. They refuse to provide the name of the person who authorized your vehicle to be towed on the storage release receipt.  State Law requires they give the name of the person or if they […]

Do Not Sign Any Document at Vehicle Storage Facility Unless Notarized

A vehicle storage facility (VSF) licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations cannot refuse to release a vehicle after payment has been made. VSFs around Texas are demanding vehicle owner sign their company documents before releasing the vehicle, some going as far as keeping the money and the vehicle until their extortion demand […]

Towing News: Soliciting Bribes, Unlicensed VSF Employees

Towing companies who are members of Southwest Tow Operators continue to believe their “service agreement” with the parking facility exempts them from obeying the towing statute and TDLR regulations.  Charles Johnson, general counsel in charge of the towing program for TDLR has told every towing company, they can only provide the sign and do the […]

2013 ACL Festival Towing Scandal by J&J Towing Continues While APD Does Nothing

Austin City Limits fans who were attending concerts at Emos in Southeast Austin were taken advantage of by J&J Towing that parked in the Pizza Hut parking lot.  J&J Towing is recklessly towing vehicles from a parking facility that fails to comply with the Texas Towing Law, because the required signage is not facing and […]

More Tow Hearings Filed Against Longhorn Wrecker Service & Capitol Tow

Vehicle owners are filing more tow hearings than ever before against Longhorn Wrecker Service of Dallas and Capitol Tow in Dallas County JP5 Juan Jasso’ court.  Could this be the beginning of huge payouts by apartment complexes that allow towing companies to repeatedly violate the Texas Towing Law at the expense of their residents?  Longhorn […]

Tow & Statutory Hearings in Dallas County, Texas

With so many illegally worded towing signs posted at the wrong locations throughout Dallas County, everyone should challenge the towing of their vehicle without their consent.  It is highly recommended at all towing hearings regardless of where towed from within Dallas County, should file their request for the tow hearing in JP5 Judge Juan Jasso’ […]

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