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Massive Illegal Towing & Booting at University of Texas at Austin campus parking lots

Became an Illegal Sign 9-1-13 Virtually everybody that was towed or charged a boot fee at any of the parking lots within the UT campus or properties controlled by UT, are now crime victims and due compensation.  At issue are those vehicles towed by authorization of Parking & Transportation Services. UTPD authorized tows based on […]

AT&T Executive Center & Hotel Guest Targeted in Predatory Tow Scam in Austin

No Legal Towing Signs Posted “on” Parking Facility The parking lot located at 2004 University Avenue, Austin, Texas is a baited traps for motorists who park there and go to the ATT Executive Conference Center, UT or anywhere else. State Law changed September 1, 2013 that requires tow signs to state “Towing Enforced” and the […]

Longhorn Wrecker Victims Score Big Wins in Court

fails to state “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed At Owner or Operator Expense” & 24/7 added to “Towing Enforced” makes the sign illegal. 2 statutory violations on this sign The towing signs provided by Longhorn Wrecker in Dallas fail to comply with the minimum requirement of the Texas Towing Law, because they fail to state: […]

Predatory J&J Towing Targeting College Students, their guests & Nurses

The following is an email from a tow victim: Hi, Pat,   I got your Email address from googling towing law and reading texastowingcompliance.com.  I’m following the advice at the bottom of one of the pages, that says, “Go back to the parking lot you were towed from to take pictures of the towing signs […]

College Station Area Tow Victims Continue to Retain TTC attorneys

To date, 95 vehicle owners have retained the prosecution team of Texas Towing Compliance to file a Statutory Violation or Theft Liability lawsuit against towing companies, property management companies and landowners for violations of the Texas Towing Law. What never seems to amuse me is that TDLR is telling Brazos County area tow companies their […]

Mesquite Towing Service Fined $1500 by TDLR after a Consumer Complaint

Not a day goes by that a motorists calls about their experience with a tow company or vehicle storage facility, all of which are encouraged to file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations.  While some issues don’t warrant a complaint, the majority of them do get the attention of TDLR […]

Garcia Towing of Bryan Fined $2250 after repeated complaints

After receiving several calls from motorists in Bryan and the filing of complaints against Garcia Towing, TDLR has handed down a fine of $2250.00. Garcia was cited for the following violations of the Vehicle Storage Facility Law: Respondent failed to separate the TOW charges from the VSF charges on a combined receipt and failed to […]

TDLR Seeks $5000 Penalty from Central Towing for Operating their Tow Company without Honesty, Integrity & Trustworthiness

According to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, Central Towing has committed two violations of the Texas Towing & Booting Law: (all criminal offenses) 16 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §86.711 states: “Responsibilities of Towing Company– Honesty, Trustworthiness, and Integrity. A towing company must conduct towing operations with honesty. trustworthiness, and integrity.“ Basis of violations: On […]

Bobby New Threatens Car Lot Owner with Arrest if Media exposes him

The Austin Police Department’s tow contractor, for over 30 years, Southside Wrecker’s owner today,  threatened to have arrested a local used car dealer if he went to the media about the delay notification letter scam.  New has claimed many times that he has APD in his back pocket, but according to Chief Acevedo, that is […]

SXSW Warning: Predatory Towing Will Ruin Your Experience & Be Costly

The many thousands of visitors attending SXSW events should do everything possible to avoid parking within private parking lots. Austin area predatory tow companies, their drivers and parking facility owners/operators are ready to make motorist’s experience one they will not soon forget. You can expect to see tow truck drivers charge on-property drop fees when […]

Predatory Bexar Towing of San Antonio Loses SOAH Appeal, Now Comes $87,000 Fine

What a deal: John Deloach aka Bexar Towing of San Antonio who has terrorized the citizens, members of the military and hundreds of tourists for years, has lost his appeal before the State Office of Administrative Hearings. This means the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will attempt to convince it’s Perry appointed commissioners to […]

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