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LADS WRECKER SERVICE of Lubbock Fined $2750 by TDLR

Company: LADS WRECKER SERVICE, INC. City: LUBBOCK County: LUBBOCK Zip Code: 79408 License #: 1214VSF Complaint # VSF20130007141 Date: 7/22/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $2,750. Respondent failed to have a vehicle available for release 24 hours a day when the facility accepted vehicles 24 hours a day; Respondent failed […]

Bandit Tow Truck Caught in Mesquite by TDLR

MARROQUIN, CEASAR Company: CESAR AUTO REPAIR AND AUTO SALES City: MESQUITE County: DALLAS Zip Code: 75150 License #: 6422298C Complaint # TOW20140001629 Date: 7/22/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $400. Respondent operated a tow truck on the public roadways of Texas when its license plates did not include the words […]

Action Wrecker Service failed to perform towing operations with honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity

KUYKENDALL, JOHN Company: ACTION WRECKER SERVICE City: LAVON County: COLLIN Zip Code: 75166 License #: 6450978C Complaint # TOW20140007968 Date: 7/22/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $3,900. An administrative penalty of $2,500 is assessed for TOW20140007968; and an administrative penalty of $1,400 is assessed for VSF20140009151. Respondent failed to perform towing operations with […]

Saddle Creek Towing Learns Hard Way About Illegal Towing – $1500 Fine

Company: SADDLE CREEK TOWING & RECOVERY City: NEW CANEY County: MONTGOMERY Zip Code: 77357 License #: 6451578C Complaint # TOW20130009438 Date: 7/22/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $1,500. Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking facility that did not have the required signage prohibiting unauthorized vehicles.

RUBEN AUTO CENTER in Seguin Busted by TDLR

Company: RUBEN AUTO CENTER (TOW) City: SEGUIN County: GUADALUPE Zip Code: 78155 License #: 5042400C Complaint # TOW20130003448 Date: 7/22/2014 Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $750. An administrative penalty of $300 is assessed for TOW20130003448; and an administrative penalty of $450 is assessed for VSF20130006710. Respondent’s tow ticket failed to itemize each charge […]

Active Tow Scam targeting minority residents

For the past year, Park Right and Capstone Real Estate Services have enjoyed the additional income of their residents and many visitors by towing their vehicles near the first of the month, forcing tenants to pay late rent fees, as in this case, “stealing”. Every person towed or charged a drop of $50, after September […]

Notice to Law Enforcement: Astro Towing Solutions Stealing Vehicles

Complaints about the criminal behavior of Astro Parking Solutions continue to the reported by the public in Webster, Friendswood, Pearland, Houston, Kemah, League City and Dickinson.  Astro Towing Solution’s tow company license, issued by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, is expired! This company has three tow trucks and none of them have a […]

Tow Truck Operator Bully Fined $1000 by TDLR

In Fort Worth, a TDLR felon bullied a vehicle owner into paying his extortion demand in the parking lot when the vehicle was not ready for transport. Little did the tow truck operator realize he just scammed an educated vehicle owner, who filed the online complaint with TDLR with the cellphone video of the incident.  […]

Get Caught With No Safety Chains: TDLR Fine $1000

Johnny’s Wrecker Service in Universal City learned firsthand about what happens when their drivers tow vehicles without using safety chains, after being stopped.  A PATROL officer issued them a commercial vehicle violation citation, then forwarded a report to TDLR Prosecutors who charged them for failing to perform each tow in a safe and competent manner. […]

San Marcos Tow Sign Update

There are only two tow companies, Southwest Towing and Saucedo’s Towing, providing the new updated tow sign that is exactly what State Law and City Ordinance require. Regina Ruiz with the San Marcos Police Department continues to harass tow companies and businesses who have chosen to obey the law, instead of her  advice with regards […]

Fantastic Day for Tow Victims in Texas

Victory Count for Friday: Houston: 27 victories, 18 tow hearings, 9 small claims court statutory violation lawsuits Conroe: 2 victories, small claims court statutory violation lawsuits Austin: 11 victories, all tow hearings San Antonio: 7 victories, 12 arrests, all tow hearings San Marcos: 4 victories, all tow hearings, 2 illegal drop fee charged $40, collected […]

Neglience of Lindsey’s Wrecker Service caused Baytown Bus Wreck

 After reading all the transcripts and reviewing all the data for the Casino Bus Crash on Interstate 10E in Baytown, Texas with Lindsey’s Wrecker Service, it’s the opinion of Texas Towing Compliance that Lindsey’s is at fault. Key Points based on data and depositions of both drivers: Weather: Dense fog, poor visibility Bus was traveling […]

Today in Court: Park Right Solution Admits Wrongdoing & Refunds Money

This afternoon in Travis County Justice of Peace Court Pct 1, the owner of Park Right Solutions, Freddie Ximenez accepted full responsibility for the towing a vehicle with illegal tow signs posted at 1200 East 11th Street. The tow victim is paid in full, the towing fees, court costs, cost of photographs for a total […]

Texas Impound Services VSF Employee Calls Federal Judge a “Wetback”

Last night, a Federal Judge  was attempting to pay for his vehicle towed from an apartment complex (illegal tow sign posted) where his daughter lives while attending college. While at Texas Impound Service, a female who refused to display her VSF Employee License repeatedly called the Judge a wetback and other racial slurs due to […]

Southwest Tow Operators Region 6 Director Busted by TDLR

Greg Joyner, a Regional Director for the Southwest Tow Operators busted by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations after a complaint and issued a fine for failing to include all the required information in the publication for abandoned vehicles to auctioned at his vehicle storage facility. The required information this company failed to provide […]

Pro Tow Wrecker Fined $3000 for Illegal Towing by TDLR

Another proud member of the Southwest Tow Operators, Pro Tow Wrecker Service and ABC Wrecker Service finally got their ass slapped with a big fine of $3000 for towing multiple vehicles without the required legal tow sign posted. It’s business as usual for this company who continues to tow vehicles in violation of State Law […]

M Station Apartments & J&J Towing Blantantly Violating the Law

Every single person towed from or charged a drop fee at the M Station Apartments, owned by Foundation Communities, by J&J Towing since September 1, 2013 are being targeted for financial gain. Any Foundation Communities apartment complex that has J&J Towing signs posted, you maybe entitled to big bucks payable by Foundation Communities based for […]

Easy Money – Not Providing the name of the “person”

Since predatory tow companies continue to blatantly tow vehicles in violation of the state law and many law enforcement agency refusing the obey a state mandate to enforce the towing law, NOW tow, boot and drop fee victims have a new method to win big bucks! Any violation of the Texas Towing, Booting and Storage […]

College Greeks in DFW Score Wins – Drop Fee Scams

I am proud to say tow victims have become united in punishing parking facilities and tow companies for illegal towing before a Judge, sometimes, before a Jury. 14 statutory violations cases where heard in Small Claims Court at three local Justice of the Peace, all of them presented video footage of tow truck drivers accepting […]

Frog’s Towing of Austin Fined $2400 by TDLR

Tow company owners are required by State Law to drug and alcohol test their drivers, but some companies don’t always obey State Law because their drivers and employees are drug addicts.  Not saying Frog’s employees these types of substance abuse drivers, but TDLR has concerns they do issuing them a $2400 fine, to which they […]

T R J Towing and Recovery Busted for Stashing Impounds

Greed is the primary reason tow truck operators stash impounds instead of taking them directly to the storage facility. Terry Rodgers learned firsthand the risks that comes with this illegal practice after be saddled with a TDLR fine of $1200.00. Tow truck operators best be advised someone is always watching them to video or take […]

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