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TDLR Issues More Southwest Tow Operators Members Fines

They simple don’t understand, a tow company owner, manager, salesperson, spotters and tow truck operators are being watched and their actions with the public is going to land them costly litigation, TDLR fines and/or license suspensions. Keep taking photos, videos, recordings and filing the TDLR COMPLAINTS after every encounter with a tow truck operator or […]

Strike Team Operations in San Antonio Bearing Fruit

Continued operations involving Atlas Towing & Recovery, their property managers and property owners is bearing fruit as now the State of Texas wants to shut down them down. Atlas Towing like Riverwalk Towing are nothing more than a criminal enterprise being allowed to prosper with impunity because the San Antonio Municipal Court Prosecutor refuses to […]

Strike Teams Ready for Weekend Targeting Stashing Impounds

This weekend, 16 deployed strike teams will cause problems for those tow truck operators, who stash impounds down the street, instead of directly to the storage lot. A good chance law enforcement will become involved and most caught will be arrested for auto theft. We know exactly which tow companies are committing this criminal offense […]

Federal Grand Jury Indictments on the Horizon

Austin city council and mayor would be wise to take the advice of Trey Salinas, the paid lobbyist for the Southside Wrecker owner’s the New Family, with a grain of salt. Not only Southside Wrecker, but AusTex Towing and Recovery is buying the equipment requirements for the new APD Towing Management Contract worth $50M over […]

Lone Star Wrecker Service Case to be Appealed

Eric Cantu outright lied under oath before a Nueces County Justice of the Peace this past Tuesday and because of these lies, the case is going to be appealed. Mr. Cantu made several slanderous statements before a Judge while under oath during testimony during a trial, then bullies the Judge to jump on his ship. […]

Lone Star Wrecker Service in Corpus Christi, Texas is basically Racketeering

Confirmed today, during a strike team operation, posing as a new property manager seeking a reference, the owner of Lone Star Wrecker Service in Corpus Christi, Texas gave something of value to the property management company who manages the Summit Apartments in Corpus Christi. Two different maintenance employees at the Summit also confirmed they received […]

Strike Teams Weekend Successful

Last night’s operations around the state were quite successful, all 107 bait vehicles towed, some more than once, from same address, no reported injuries and 236 violations documented. I must say that I am absolutely proud of our organization, it’s members and our unique collaboration with law enforcement agencies and TDLR. Based on observation,  unlicensed […]


Everyone towed by H Town Towing in Katy, Texas anywhere in the Houston metro area is due compensation. The tow signs as shown above do not meet the minimum requirement of the Texas Towing Law, specifically Occupations Code 2308.301 & 302. Sad thing about this illegal towing, Don Perry, the owner of H Town Towing, […]

Predatory Black Bull Towing Caught Ripping Off Minorities & Fined $10,100 by TDLR

Despite hiring former Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Senior Investigator Corey Tripp, Black Bull Towing systematically overcharged minority vehicle owners for profit and was caught after many victims filed the TDLR complaints, after reading Texas Towing Compliance. Black Bull Towing is a perfect example of a criminal enterprise for the sole purpose of money […]

Tow Victims Striking Back Across Texas

Texas Towing Compliance subscribers hits 13,000 this afternoon, increasing the ranks within our organization of volunteers. Don Perry, Nick Massey, Jess Horton, Eric Cantu, John Deloach, Anthony Tribble, William Capp, Frank Sapp, Aaron Huhem and most PPI companies who are paid Southwest Tow Operators members, engage in organized criminal activity 24/7. 2015 will be the year […]

Strike Team Update 01/17/2015

UPDATE: Saturday, January 17, 2015 Last night, Strike Team Operations in the Houston, College Station, Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, Denton, Beaumont, Corpus Christi and College Station were successful. 107 bait vehicles were towed and 59 unauthorized drop fees paid. Since 8am, 84 VSF violations documented/recorded while retrieving 47 vehicles so far..more to come as […]

Strike Team Videotapes AusTex Towing & Recovery with No Safety Chains

Strike Team observed the Austin Police Department towing subcontractor, Austex Towing & Recovery  at 11:00am towing a large commercial vehicle without both safety chains attached to the tow truck and the vehicle in towed. The non-high tinsel 3/8 chain wrapped around the axle is not considered safety chains and DPS troopers are writing tickets for […]

TTC Strike Team and APD Capture Bandit Rollback

This afternoon, our strike teams captured this rogue and bandit rollback loading a motorcycle in Montopolis, within minutes APD patrol units arrive. Detective Loosier soon arrives on scene in the 6300 block of Felix Street, after discussing with officers and supervisors of this capture, the rollback was taken into custody by APD and Southside’s Heavy […]

H Town Towing Found Guilty in Galveston County Courtroom

Earlier before a Galveston County Judge, Don Perry, owner of H Town Towing was found guilty for illegal towing within League City, Texas….. The League City Police Department is filing criminal charges against the tow truck operator and the property manager for violations of State Law, with this verdict.  

Strike Team Arrives in Corpus Christi, Texas

A tow truck operator with Lone Star Wrecker Service in Corpus Christi refused a Corpus Christi Police Officer’s order to drop a vehicle that was not fully prepared to transport and tows it anyway without valid authority to do so. This company is on TDLR probation, it began in October 2013, but believes being a […]

Bobby New candidate for bio story in 2015 Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Bobby New, President of Southside Wrecker Inc, longtime towing and storage contractor for the Austin Police Department has the potential to be featured in cover page story in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. Based on conversations overheard from Bobby’s tow truck operators with recent delivery of more new tow trucks (potential artificial reef), $4M […]

San Marcos Tow Sign Update 2015

As of today, based on Audit Teams of Texas Towing Compliance, only three tow companies in San Marcos are in the process of correcting their tow signs posted at both private and public parking facilities. Southwest Towing, Saucedos Wrecker Service and Phoenix Towing are providing a “legal” tow sign.  All three of these companies have […]

H Town Towing – Criminal Enterprise Targeting Motorists

Don Perry’s H Towing Towing located in Houston, Texas has made zero effort to obey the Texas Towing Law, as their tow signs posted at parking lots throughout the Houston metro area do not meet the minimum requirements of State Law. It’s clearly evident based on the requirement of State Law, Perry’s signs are illegal, […]

Westgate Regal Theater Parking Lot – CapMetro Riders Issue

The Regal-Westgate-Stadium-11 parking lot at 4477 South Lamar Boulevard is not towing vehicles, period.  On Friday, I spoke with the owner of Big A Towing and she stated they haven’t towed any vehicles from this parking lot in over a year. These scare tactic signs above posted by the parking facility is an effort to […]

City of Austin – APD Tow Scam Exposed Targeting Downtown Visitors

Everybody that has been towed on the south side of East 5th Street, from Brazos to San Jacinto is due refunds. According to the City of Austin Right of Away Management Division, the contractor for the building being built at 5th and Brazos was instructed to post no parking signs. According to the city ROW […]

Ideal Towing of Stafford, Texas Caught Again Giving Kickbacks

If towed or charged a drop fee by Ideal Towing anywhere in the Houston area, please file all four TDLR complaints against them! Ideal Towing, in Stafford, Texas, also a proud member of the Predatory Southwest Tow Operators, continues to be caught towing vehicles in violation of State Law, while providing kickbacks to property managers […]

The New Family with the Austin Police Department High Stakes Gamble

Our new Austin City Council and Mayor has the opportunity to breakup the monopoly with regards to the Austin Police Department Towing & Impound multi-year $30M+ revenue contract for the New Family to become multimillionaires at the expense of the citizens and visitors of Austin, Texas. Southside Wrecker should not be awarded the yet to […]

Open Letter to TDLR & Licensees for 2015

We would request someone within TDLR contact the Facilities Commission about posting “legal” tow signs at the parking lot your downtown staff parks in as the current tow signage is non-compliant. This alone sends the wrong message to licensees who TDLR continues to issue fines, for towing without legal signs posted, when your own agency […]

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