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Section 8 Residents Targeted in Beaumont, Texas for Expired Sticker Scam for Profit

The Predatory Thieves of Liberty, Texas, K & K Towing is outright stealing vehicles from apartment complexes by towing them for expired stickers.  Their dispatcher admitted on a recorded line that the required ten day written notice was mailed by K & K Towing, at their expense, as a service they provide the property managers. […]

Parking Permits with Tow Company Name equals $1000 plus treble damages payout

For years, tow companies have provided parking permits and orange warning stickers to property managers as perk to signing a tow contract.  But there is major problem with this perk as it violates State Law, specifically Texas Occupations Code 2308.402 which strictly prohibits the tow company from having a financial interest directly or indirectly in […]

University Estates Apartments in Austin Illegal To Tow Impounds From Legally

Every vehicle towed from 1300 Crossing Place in Austin regardless the reason has been wrongfully towed from this address as the property management has lined its pockets from J&J Towing since September 1, 2013.  The wrecker drivers for J&J are knowingly and reckless towing vehicles without probable cause and the new APD Wrecker Detective is […]

TDLR Fines for Not Using Safety Chains on Tow Trucks and Rollbacks

We been warning the tow industry about the dangers and fines by TDLR and the Courts for not attaching safety chains to the vehicles they transport, as both TDLR and Law Enforcement are watching for these violations like never before. Wrecker drivers best not hit the street without both of them are attached or you […]

Strike Team Deployments Completed Statewide

Our strike teams have completed their deployments across the state in some more dangerous environments than others.  In total, 482 bait vehicles were towed for the month of June and all were recovered at storage facilities that generated 83 TDLR complaints. Of the 482 vehicles towed, every parking facility had no less than six statutory […]

Austin Predatory Tow Companies on Notice Change is Happening Now

It’s official, the Austin Police Department’s Wrecker Enforcement Unit now has a new Detective and Sergeant, that without a doubt strike a chord of fear into those tow truck operators whom taken advantage of the public for the past ten years. Replacing Loosier will be Detective Tim Atkinson and Cummings’ replacement will be Sgt David […]

H Town Towing Terrorizing Clute, Texas Residents

Residents and their guests residing in apartment complexes in Clute, Texas are under assault by predatory H Town Towing, by stealing their vehicles without their consent.  Calls from irate residents claiming their vehicles are being towed upwards 50 miles from their homes creating nightmarish hardships by charging fees in excess of $450 with one day […]

Deception at the Vehicle Storage Facility: Understand Your Rights

Not a day goes by someone calling the hotline asking why the vehicle storage facility employee is so rude and outright racists when asking for information they are required to provide per State Law. As more law enforcement begin to enforce the Vehicle Storage Facility Law when consumers call 911 for assistance in dealing storage […]

Public Corruption Probe Launched Over Auto Return Contract in Austin, Texas

It was only a matter of time before it became known that Austin Police Department Sergeant Robert Cummings assigned to oversee the wrecker detectives was financially involved with three Austin area tow company owners. Also from confirmed reports from confidential sources, 178 Austin police officers, of which 48 have since retired accepted expense paid offshore […]

DPS Stopping Tow Trucks and Rollbacks Failing Use Safety Chains & Straps

Warning to all tow truck drivers regardless the size of a tow truck or rollback, you will be stopped if observed by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers towing a vehicle without both safety chains, wheel straps and operational tow lights no closer than 4-feet apart with a 4″ red tow light. Rollbacks are required […]

TDLR: Obey The Rules & Regulations or Expect to Pay!

As the complaints continue to pour into the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, TDLR Investigators are staying busy conducting investigations around the state of tow companies, vehicle storage facilities and their employees finding violations of State Law. Several companies continue to disregard the the Drug Testing requirement that should send the message to the […]

TTC Website Attacked, Back Online After 4 Days

We know the predatory tow industry do not care for Texas Towing Compliance and it makes no difference how many times they attempt the hack, disrupt, hijack or shutdown our website, Facebook or Twitter, we will return with a vengeance. Over the past four days, numerous unauthorized postings were shown on all three mediums, those […]

Albert’s Towing Found Guilty at Tow Hearing

Albert’s Towing, located in Austin, Texas, owned by Thomas Mora was found guilty by Travis County JP Susan Steeg in the illegal towing of a vehicle from the Southwood Center located at 1710 W Ben White Blvd.  This property is not legal to tow vehicles from as the signage is illegal, some entrances to the […]

Vehicle Damage Due to Improperly Towed Vehicle

It is not uncommon to find your vehicle damaged after being towed without your consent, as some tow truck operators, due to the nature of their job, fail to perform each towing operation with honesty, trustworthiness, integrity in a safe and competent manner. Its not uncommon for a Southwest Tow Operator member tow truck operator […]

TTC Outreach Teams successfully defeat the Southwest Tow Operators sponsored Texas HB3285

TTC Outreach Teams successfully defeated the Predatory Towing linked to organized crime sponsored Texas HB3285 at both level of the Texas Legislature. Our teams of volunteers made it known supporting it carried the same demise as ex Texas Senator John Carona who accepted campaign donations from “organized crime”, voted out of office. I am proud […]

Price Gouging on Tow Fees in Flood Disaster Areas

The hotline has been busy this morning with the bulk of the calls regarding price gouging the stated tow fee to motorists stranded on flooded roadways in the Houston area. It’s extremely disappointing, but not surprised that tow truck operators and the companies they work for would take advantage of the public during a disaster. […]

PPI Companies Be Advised: Undercover Sting Operations

Texas Towing Compliance Strike Teams are conducting undercover sting operations embedded with law enforcement across the State during May, June, July, August, September and October . In our inventory, we have 478 bait vehicles,  nine tractor trailers all equipped with video/audio/GPS, so if you tow one, we will know about it as we are actively conducting […]

The Austin City Council Awards APD Contract to Auto Return

Yesterday, the Austin City Council voted to award the Austin Police Department Towing Management contract to Auto Return with special conditions to protect the current 40+ local tow companies and should Auto Return not dispatch any of current 40+ tow companies, the City Council could cancel the Auto Return contract, based on comments of Austin […]

Public Encouraged To Speak Out Against APD/Auto Return Towing Contract

Tomorrow at 10:00am, the public is encouraged to arrive at the Austin City Hall to attend the City Council Meeting, as city staff once again will attempt to get the Council to award a contract worth $15m that is all but sure to hurt many motorists and local tow companies. The item on the agenda […]

TDLR Keeps Churning Out Fines For Southwest Tow Operators Members

TDLR keeps the money coming into the State’s bank accounts as licensees always think they are one step ahead, when in reality their efforts to disobey the law comes at a price, as shown below: PAYMENT, NATASHA MCompany: TRI-CITY TOWING City: PFLUGERVILLE County: TRAVIS Zip Code: 78691 License #: 646662VSF Complaint # VSF20140006934 Date: 4/1/2015Respondent […]

TDLR Complaints on Texas Impound Services LLC Increase

Texas Impound Services LLC located in Denton, Texas has been added to the list of the predatory tow companies who are designated criminal enterprises. Gary Phillips, the owner of this company prides himself of stealing for living, paying kickbacks to properties who sign their tow contracts and tow from parking facilities with non-compliant tow signs, […]

Capital Tow Ordered to Pay $4,125 Fine for Stealing Vehicles

Company: CAPITAL TOW INC City: FORT WORTH County: TARRANT Zip Code: 76112 License #: 6402293C Complaint # TOW20130017593 Date: 3/19/2015Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty of $4,125. An administrative penalty of $3,000 is assessed for TOW20140000791 and TOW20130017593; and an administrative penalty of $1,125 is assessed for VSF20130018880. Respondent towed a vehicle from a parking […]

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