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Every City & County Should Regulate Tow Companies Within Their Jurisdiction

Due to the predatory nature of dishonest tow companies and their drivers, it’s highly recommended that every town and county in Texas create regulations to protect the public and local economies. It’s not uncommon for a predatory tow company to claim they are preempted under Federal Law, but that is simply not true in all […]

Always Confront the Tow Truck Operator Attempting to Tow Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners and operators should always confront the tow truck driver attempting to tow your vehicle without hesitation and say “DO NOT TOW MY VEHICLE”.  DO NOT BOW TO THEIR DEMAND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND REFUSE A RIDE TO AN ATM!!!!!!!!!!! Tow Truck Operators are required to be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing […]

Property Managers Seldom Take Responsibility For Towing Due to Loss of Kickbacks

You live in an apartment complex and wake up one morning to go to work or school only to discover your vehicle missing. The first thought is your vehicle has been stolen only to learn it was towed away during the early morning hours. Upon learning your vehicle was towed, contact by smartphone (w/Automatic Call […]

Tow Truck Operators & Vehicle Storage Facility Employees Are Clueless

We are now 40K strong and no truck operator or vehicle storage facility employee never knows when the person they are conducting business with is a Strike Team member. Although 394 TDLR licensees (Towing & Storage Programs) have met them firsthand with 138 of them arrested for outstanding warrants when law enforcement has embedded in […]

Ranger Tow located in Houston Slammed Again by TDLR, $3000 Fine

Ranger Tow’s owner continues to believe he is above the law while their drivers are knowingly towing vehicles without probable cause due in fact as none of the required tow signage is posted in the correct locations around the Houston area they are targeting unsuspecting drivers. Over the past two months, our strikes teams have […]


American Wrecker Service located in Houston, Texas is seriously taking advantage of motorists by demanding “cash” only for drop fees when you catch them in the parking lot with your vehicle. Mike Teasdale, the owner of this company told me yesterday in a recorded phone call (shared with TDLR in a complaint) that he can […]


Atlas Towing & Storage in San Antonio continues their march to engage in organized criminal activity targeting anyone that drives a vehicle and Bexar County JP Roberto Vasquez finds them guilty every time a victim of predatory towing practices, allows Atty James Meyrat to file both the Tow Hearing and Small Claims Court Lawsuit for […]

Three Strike Teams Deployed to Beaumont, Texas to Address Predatory Towing

Three Strike Teams based in Houston are deployed in Beaumont tonight awaiting the predators of K & K Towing and we seriously doubt they will attempt to steal any of the 35 bait vehicles that are currently stashed on their properties in Beaumont and Nederland, Texas area.  These teams are embedded with law enforcement should […]

Parking Facilities Across Texas Duped by False Insurance Coverage by Towing Companies

Apartment Complex managers, their supervisor, parking facility owners and property management companies everyday are lied to about the insurance coverage of their towing company by a professional con artist a/k/a tow company salesperson or owner. Many towing companies will give the parking facility a certificate of insurance as part as their towing agreement to remove […]

Vehicle Owner Complaints Against VSFs Increase Due to Taking Photos

When your vehicle is towed without your consent or involved in a traffic accident that requires these types of towed vehicles be stored in a licensed vehicle storage facility in Texas, the vehicle storage facility is required by State Law to secure the vehicle, as in the photo above, the vehicle is not secured. The […]

How Heavy Duty Tow Trucks Clear the Roadways of Overturned 18 Wheelers

It’s not uncommon these days to be stuck in a traffic jam because of an overturned tractor trailer (18 wheeler) and the majority of the public have no clue how professional tow truck operators clear these accident scenes. Therefore, we have decided to show the public via a video just exactly how this takes place, […]

Dangerous Towing That Should Never Occur

The public can come to their own conclusions reference the above photograph should they come anywhere near a tow truck towing an oversized vehicle.  This same tow truck operator was involved in a traffic accident while towing a TAPP school bus. which basically totaled the bus.  The Texas Department of Public Safety DOT handled the […]


The VSF employee at the APOLLO DELIVERY & WRECKER SERVICE VSF in Dallas should expect a TDLR investigator showing up at their office, to question them about the unruly comments with an owner of a tractor trailer out of Arkansas refusing to tell him which law enforcement agency placed a hold on his truck and […]

Two More Attorneys Join Texas Towing Compliance Fight to Assist Tow Victims

Texas Towing Compliance is proud announce two more attorneys who we recommend to assist victims of predatory illegal towing and booting in Texas in tow hearings and the 404 Civil Lawsuit. Now serving victims in the DFW area is Karen McRae can handle any situation when your victimized by a tow, booting company and a […]

Merlin Transport DBA Excalibur Towing’s Days Are Numbered with TDLR

Merlin Transport dba Excalibur Towing, located in Dallas, Texas is in serious trouble with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for various issues such as towing vehicles without legal signage posted, charging unauthorized fees, charging unauthorized drop fees, giving kickbacks and performing tow operations without honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. After a year of bogus […]

Storage Facility Threats for Failure To Sign Their Paperwork

When your at the storage facility to retrieve your vehicle, there are several important issues, you, as a vehicle owner, operator or whoever is picking up the vehicle need to know: Upon arrival to the storage facility by yourself or with someone, use a cellphone, digital recorder or camera to record in video/audio the entire […]

TDLR Continues Issuing Fines to Tow Companies for Violating the Law

Once again, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, has issued administrative fines and revoked licenses, to those who find it necessary to take advantage of the public.  The public is educated about towing thanks to Texas Towing Compliance’s website and blog as 318,930 have subscribed to both to ensure their rights are not violated […]

TDLR Wants $3200 Fine from Rios Towing in San Marcos

Nobody is above the law in San Marcos when it pertains to tow companies and vehicle storage facilities and latest TDLR SOAH file to appears proves it with Rios Towing.  This all began back when Tony Rios knowingly charged fees greater than the San Marcos City Ordinance and continues to tow vehicles in violation of […]

Bexar Towing & Atlas Towing Both Busted by SAPD & TDLR

In the latest round of fines and sanctions, Bexar Towing and Altas Towing continue to march right along taking advantage of motorists, then overcharging them thinking they would not get caught. Company: ATLAS TOWING AND STORAGE, LLC City: SAN ANTONIO County: BEXAR Zip Code: 78204 License #: 5452298CComplaint # TOW20140020289 Date: 7/6/2015Respondent is assessed an […]

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